How to hold a DIY vegan Easter egg hunt party

How to hold a DIY vegan Easter egg hunt party

Now it’s time to arrange a lovely party with a DIY Easter egg hunt which caters to all kinds of dietary restrictions!

You may be having a bunch of folks coming round yours for Easter. Here’s how to throw a party with an easter egg hunt they’ll never forget!

Step 1

Gather a lot of plastic Easter eggs. Get your guest list together before buying the eggs and make sure each guest has at least a few eggs that they can find. You don’t want a guest to leave empty-handed.

Step 2

Place vegan chocolates, toys and treats in each egg. If some guests have dietary restrictions such as no sugar, instruct those guests to find only a certain colour egg. Colour code eggs in order of dietary restrictions if that issue comes up among those on the guest list. It’s a great way to keep it fun and interesting without making people feel as though they are being left out (which gives you brownie points).

Step 3

Put an inspirational quote in each egg along with the chocolate. If it’s for a child, write it in bold colours. Make it really simple and inspiring. This can be an animal rights or vegan quote that reflects the morale of your Easter egg hunt, or it can simply be a boost of sunshine or confidence into your Easter Sunday.

Step 4

Prepare lots of vegan refreshments for during and after the hunt. A steady supply of juice, all-natural soda or sparkling water, wine for adults (check if it’s vegan of course), and rice milk for children is perfect.

Step 5

Establish a prize for the winner of the Easter egg hunt. A giant vegan chocolate rabbit is a great choice, or a giant vegan chocolate egg is even more appropriate since it is symbolic of the quest of your Easter hunt!

Step 6

Give out a vegan goodie bag after the Easter egg hunt. That way everybody will be a winner. Just be sure to give a bag to the overall winner, too. Include samples of some cool vegan name brands, such as Tom’s of Maine (a vegan company with sample sizes of some of their products available at many grocery stores). You might want to scan your local healthfood store for other kinds of vegan treats. Don’t get too extravagant, but make it so special that it could convert someone to being a vegan.

And hopefully with this advice, your Easter sunday should be as special as that of any carnivore. If not there is always next year.