Essential festival tips

festival tips

1. Sunglasses

Now, this has nothing to do with protecting eyes from the sun, or any of that health nonsense. Everyone needs some dark shades first thing of a morning to hide the tell-tale hungover, ‘barely slept’ eyes which go hand-in-hand with festivals.

2. A bag with a hole in the lining

It’s a known fact that alcohol prices at festivals border on extortion, and no, you don’t have to put up with it. Hide a bottle of vodka in the lining of a bag. Put a jumper or jacket at the bottom of the bag and voila – cheap drink.

3. Water pistols

This multi-functional accessory can be used as a novel way to keep cool when the sun comes out but it’s also another way to sneak in your drink. Fill it up with vodka and spike your coke. Easy.

4. Wellies

These are always a frequent sight at festivals coz nobody wants muddy converses and jeans but this isn’t the real reason you need them. Skipping and running through the mud with strangers is the best thing about festivals. Make sure you don’t miss out.

5. Walkie talkies

So you’ve shoved your way to the front of the stage to see your favourite band, but when it’s over your mates are nowhere to be seen and there’s no reception on your phones. These also have great comedy value as you never know what you’ll pick up from other people’s walkie-talkies.

6. Band T-shirts

Festivals with many stages tend to bring together people with varying musical tastes. So go armed with band t-shirts in order to attract kindred spirits. It’s also a great ice-breaker with that too-cute-for-words boy sporting the same t-shirt as you.

7. Speakers and MP3 player

Nobody wants a silent boozy night, do they? Packing an mp3 player and small speakers that are light enough to carry will ensure that the evenings of your festival will be as musical as the days.

8. A Decent Bra

OK, so that backless t-shirt and tie bikini top might look fantastic… but bubbies and jumping up and down don’t go together. Do yourself a favour and wear tops that you can wear a bra with.

9. A corkscrew/bottle opener

Perhaps you only drink things with twist-off tops or out of cans, but even if this is the case do make sure you pack once of these. You’ll be guaranteed to see some cute indie boys wandering round looking for someone to open their bottle. Make sure you’re the one on hand to save ’em.

10. Mates who can put up tents

Let’s face it, even if you’re a pro at tent-putting-up… who can honestly say they’d wanna put it up themselves when they can sit, drink in hand and watch someone else does all the work?