Gothic Christmas Decoration Ideas

Gothic Christmas Decoration Ideas

A Gothic Christmas celebrates hope and eternity and all good things but as viewed from the other side of the mirror. Alternative Christmas decoration ideas FTW.

It’s that time of year again: everyone out shopping looks mildly harassed and you subconsciously hum Jingle Bells at inappropriate times. In other words, it’s Christmas. The festive season can be a fabulous time for alt ladies, men and wonderful folk of all genders. An opportunity to treat ourselves, dress up and eat treats pretty much 24/7. But it can also be a massive pain in the baubles.

Every shop and website has varying degrees of Christmas tat. You can’t go to gigantic supermarket chains without being visually assaulted by tinsel and plastic holly. Personally, I find some decorations just too hideous for words. Sometimes they’re so twee I feel a little bit eurgh. Stop and think for a minute before you buy that sparkly reindeer baby with extra fluff. Ask yourself: “do I really want my home to look like x million other people?” If the answer is no, then it’s time to DIY!

Mookychick already has 71 fantastic Christmas decoration ideas. If your tastes lie on the darker side, here are a few simple tips to add a little goth to your Christmas.

Note the candelabra. If you have a candelabra, your gothic Christmas is MADE IN THE SHADE.

1. Buy a black tree. These are widely available online, and even some supermarkets like Asda are selling them this year.

2. It doesn’t have to be a tree. Acquire twigs and branches from your finest local source (usually under a tree) and spray paint them black. Arrange nicely in vase. Voila – a gothic Christmas tree. This is a particularly fine idea if you have no control over the general decorations due to living with family but want to create an alternative festive display in your room.

3. Customise everything! There’s no reason you can’t use traditional Christmas symbols and make them your own. Repaint candy canes so they’re red and black stripes instead of the more familiar red and white. You can use model paint or even nail varnish. If you’re arty, draw or paint some skeleton reindeer. If you want your Christmas to have echoes of Victoriana, acquire ribbon from the local haberdashery (see that beautiful black and white striped ribbon in the photo?) and make Victorian Christmas bows with which to decorate your tree. Cheap, unique, evocative and a wonderful mix of traditional and gothic DIY.

Photo: Cakehead Loves Evil

4. Skull baubles. Get some foam skulls from craft shops or online and paint them black (or your gothic colour of choice). You can even dip them in glitter while they’re still wet to add some Christmas sparkle. Then glue a small piece of ribbon into a loop on the top. For a more subtle effect, decoupage gothic pictures onto baubles you already have.

5. What’s on top of your tree? There’s nothing wrong with a star. Everyone loves a star, and half the time it’s already a pentagram for those who are that way inclined. But your tree could be topped with the item of your choice. A stuffed bird, or a skull. Like stars, skulls can represent eternity and new beginnings and darkness and light and all good things… but viewed from the other side of the mirror. A skull can be festive, in its own austere way.

6. Multi-use. There’s no reason your Halloween decorations can’t be used on the tree. Bat-shaped fairy lights or spooky garlands work really well. Halloween props also make great stocking fillers. Wait until the first few days of November to pick up spooky treats at bargain prices. Skull shot glasses and creepy candles make unusual presents for gothic friends and family and will work well as Christmas feast tableware.

7. Shop around. We appreciate that not everyone has the time or inclination to make their own decorations. Spend some time shopping around and you can find alternative items on the high street. These are more likely to be tongue-in-cheek items than gothic wonders. For example, Paperchase offers Grinch-worthy plaques.

For more ideas on how to create a gothic Christmas, check out Val Darkstone’s article here on Mookychick. However you decide to decorate your home this year, have yourself a mooky little Christmas!