Aim for a happy day

Aim for a happy day

Everyone has those days that go from good to average; average to crappy; and crappy to downright miserable. Here are 5 ways to make those days better.

1. Wear something that makes you feel confident and pretty – you’ll hold your head up high and your smile wide. You may even get some nice compliments about how lovely you look, too.

2. Watch/read/listen to something so damn amusing you’ll laugh your pants off. Just make sure you put them back on.

3. Remember a day or moment in your life when something really good happened to you.

4. If you’re stressed, take a break. Have some tea and a kit-kat. Wear your ridiculously baggy yet so-gosh-darn-comfy old jumper.

5. Look at something yellow. Yellow is bright, lovely and associated with the sun. Just by looking at yellow you’ll feel warm and content. Ever wondered why good ol’ macs were mellow yellow? It’s to stave off the misery of a rainy day…

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