Hot Chocolate Through A Straw Life Hack

Hot Chocolate Through A Straw Life Hack

Don’t knock it… hot chocolate through a straw works.

Picture the scene. You’ve just bought a hot chocolate and it’s wobbling all over the place as you bring it to your table – that foam tamping everything down means it’s been filled to the brim with chocolatey goodness! You are so obviously going to spill it. Maybe not as you reach your table, but definitely as you try to take a sip. Unless you peck at it like a bird.

Honestly, just use a straw!

  • The high milk content means you’re not going to burn your tongue or melt the plastic or anything like that. This isn’t a black filter coffee we’re talking about.
  • You get to keep the pretty pattern the barista kindly made right down to the bottom of the cup!
  • If you’re wearing lipstick, by the time you’ve drunk your hot chocolate you will still be wearing lipstick.
  • You don’t spill a single drop. All that chocolate goes in your belly. Not on the saucer, your table, your clothes… your belly.
  • Everything tastes twice as good through a straw!

Finally, a life-changing tip from a mook who saw this piece before we published it: Apparently, the real genius bit is using one of those ‘milkshake straws‘ with the little flavour balls inside. Doubly chocolatey!

hot chocolate through a straw