How to be happier in yourself

How to be happier in yourself

Empowerment: Feel tired? Dull? Bored? Generally “meh”? Here are 5 simple ways to improve your lifestyle in a way that will make you and your body happier and more productive.

Organisation. “But I’m used to the clutter! It’s my feng shui. I am one with the clutter… “

Pay attention, you messy mookychick! Organising your workspace and your place of relaxation is of a very high importance. Working or relaxing in a tidy, organised area improves the atmosphere of the room and will make you feel a lot more productive and chilled out. Having your papers set up right in front of you for that essay marathon will be a lot less torturous than having to scramble through mounds of various clutter to find what you’re looking for, and what if last nights I’m-going-to-make-a-smoothie-whether-I-can-find-the-blender-lid-or-not disaster has left your papers soggy, unreadable and mmm, strawberry scented? Tidy your room! Be organised!

Exercise. “But I just walked from the bus stop to the door… “

Okay, you probably already know this, but let me assure you, amongst all the exaggerated facts they tell you about having a healthy lifestyle and eating your vegetables (even the broccoli), getting some exercise really WILL make you feel better. You’ll feel more alert, healthy, and hey, it can actually be fun! Even if a night at the gym three times a week doesn’t tickle your fancy, you could try alternative methods of exercise – pilates, yoga and step aerobics are getting more popular each day and are fun AND good for your body at the same time, neat huh? Look for classes at your local leisure centre; you may meet some new friends while you’re at it!

Simple things.

“I’ll take an extra large hot chocolate with extra whipped cream, chocolate shavings and marshmallow pieces to go, thanks.”

Learn to start enjoying the more simple things in life. Personally, a night where I can sit and read my favourite book with a nice steamy cup of tea makes me feel ten times better. Learn to appreciate what you do have in life, rather than what you don’t have, what you can’t have, and what goes wrong. Yes, it’s a cliché but there really are people out there who have it a lot worse. Not even the real life victims. Anyone in the same boat as you who decides to mourn their life rather than enjoy aspects of it is worse off than you. Don’t be that person. Order a large hot chocolate with extra whipped cream to go.

Help those less fortunate… and those more fortunate

While we’re on the topic of being thankful and people who have it worse, let’s talk about kindness to others! Around this time of year especially, it’s important to look beyond the pretty coloured Christmas lights and all the wonderful gifts in the shop windows and think about those less fortunate. Unfortunately, you’re bound to come across a homeless person out on your travels this Christmas, so why not improve their day a little, as well as improving your own? Most will appreciate the necessities such as a blanket or even a hot drink or some food; it won’t cost you much and it’s likely to make their day a little better. But don’t stop at the homeless, being generally polite to anyone is rewarding, too. Even something as simple as holding a door open for someone, or helping a class/workmate who has dropped some books will help them out, and make you feel better in the process.

Music: “Hmm… something dreary, to match my mood!”

Sometimes a moodsome song can be cathartic and sometimes it’s a power-drainer. Ditch all those moping, depressive ballads for the bad times and listen to the songs that you know make you happy. Sure, a song about how much ‘life really sucks’ seems to go better with that dark, dull, rainy Monday morning, and no one wants to get up early five days a week to go to work/college/school/cheer up a boyfriend even more depressed than oneself, but that’s life. Unwrap yourself from your duvet and play some of your favourite music in the background while you’re preparing for your day to lift your mood and enjoy each day as it comes – after all, before you know it, it’ll be Friday!