How to tidy your room and get organised

How to tidy your room and get organised

Does your house or bedroom look and feel like it’s been hit by a bomb? Can’t find your favourite pair of stockings amongst your books and CDs? Do you wonder why the wash pile is moving, only to discover it’s the cat you haven’t seen for days? It’s time to sort it out. Hey! Ho! Let’s go!

Step 1 – Planning.

Firstly you need to discover where your storage spaces are. The chances are they’re full of stuff and nonsense you haven’t seen for months. They can be put to better use. Make a list of cupboards, drawers, cubbyholes and such. Keep this list handy for the next step.

Step2 – Sorting.

Find out what you have. Make a list of everything, I mean EVERYTHING and categorize what you have. Throw out anything you don’t need or want – if you haven’t used it in the past 6 months, you probably don’t need it.

Tip: Yes, you can keep your birthday cards you’ve been saving since you were 12. In fact, why not put aside a shoebox of precious things to keep?

Step 3 – Compare.

Compare your list of ‘stuff’ with your storage space list. See where things can go and where they will be most convenient to get to when you need them (there’s no point putting your phonebook in the attic, how are you going to get to it in a plumbing emergency?)

Step 4 – Cleaning.

Take everything out from its dusty old home and give everything a good wash. Look at the size of the mess! If it’s not been tidied, it probably hasn’t been cleaned. Plus, you don’t want your newly organised things to get dirty, do you? Also, all that dust is not good for you!

Step 5 – Put everything away

This one is fairly self-explanatory, but shoving anything you can’t find a new home for behind the sofa or under your bed is a big dirty cheat and not acceptable. If there are things you can’t find a home for, decide which category they fit into best and put them with that.

Step 6 – Another list!

You have to tidy AND write another list? Yes, you do. Write out your list of where everything is now that you’ve reordered it, as you’ll have become used to finding things where you left them and you’ll be panicking tomorrow before work or school about where you left your socks. If you write this list, make it pretty and stick it somewhere visible, so you’ll know.

Step 7 – More Cleaning.

Now that you’ve been reminded what colour your carpet is, hoover it! Give your furniture a wipe down, make your bed and fluff your pillows. If possible, try to open a window and let the house have a bit of a blow-through. Maybe you could light an incense stick or spray some perfume in the air to celebrate. Your house will shine from a spring-clean, even in Autumn.

Step 8 – Relax!

You did it! You tidied and cleaned! Go and put the kettle on.

One last thing: Maintain your new tidy self. Remember… a tidy house equals a tidy mind 🙂