Steak in bearnaise sauce recipe – perfect for steampunk dinners

steampunk dinner party recipe steak

This carnivorous delight is a perfect main course for a Steampunk dinner party. Fish option included.

If you can bear it, serve flesh to your guests as a main course for a steampunk dinner party. The Victorians weren’t quite sure what vegetarianism was…


  • Beef (or salmon)
  • Onions
  • Tarragon
  • Butter

Serve your chopped Steak in bearnaise sauce with herb potatoes.

Bear….What? Why the fancy sauce? French cooking was all the rage back when Victoria reigned, (If you don’t believe me crack open or look up some recipes from the era, you’ll see what I mean). Any who, Bearnaise sauce is basically fancy Hollandaise sauce. For making your mock Bearnaise sauce just saute some onions and dried tarragon in some butter till soft. In a separate pan make your instant Hollandaise mix and make to package directions. Finally once it’s all done, add your cooked onions from earlier. Now, that wasn’t so bad, was it?

For the chopped steak bit, you can find some inexpensive stew beef cuts of beef tips. As for the the herb potatoes, grab some instant mash potatoes and add a generous amount of herbs. (They could be fresh or dried)

Seafood Alternative

If the thought of cooking beef is something you’re uncomfortable with, but you’re fine with your guests having seafood as an option for dinner. This could be a rather easy alternative.

Cook the Bearnaise sauce as mentioned above and add a can of salmon (be sure to read the can and make sure there’s no skin or bones!) at the end. After the fish has heated for a bit, server the sauce over your favourite pasta. The Victorians knew where Italy was. They did so love a Grand Tour.

Steak and sauce

Martian cow. The harpoon is in your hands. You know what to do.