Student drinking games

Student drinking games

Student drinking games are more fun than a chav on Question Time. If you are student who’s looking for a way to consume even more alcohol, Rhi has tried and tested a splendidly ominous card-based drinking game: ‘Ring of Fire’.

Crack open bottles of sparkling perry and cans of Strongbow and join me in a salute to the trashy wonder that is student drinking games! I assure you that all these games have been tried and tested; I have done the hangovers for you and survived! So get on your beer jacket and join us for a round of bevvies in the best drinking game around!

Sudent drinking game: Ring of Fire

Now, this little beauty is a very popular drinking-based card game – also known as Captain Dickhead, Ace to the Face, Four Kings and most ominously Circle of Death. It’s not for the faint hearted and there are a few rules to remember. The trouble is that they get a bit hazy after the first round.Take my advice and grab a pen and paper. Once you have cracked the rules it is worth it.

To play this drinking game you will need:

1) A glass each as well as a big glass, the more vase-like the better, for the middle of the table.

2) A full deck of playing cards. Remove the Jokers. If you only have a semi-full deck of cards, you can still pull off this drinking game.

3) A 2 pence coin

4) Depending on your popularity, and the size of your living room, between 3 and 50 friends

5) A spare glass for “Arrogance” game

Sit your lovely bums round in a circle, preferably with a table in the middle to support a glass in the centre. Spread all your cards out in a circular motion around the glass, leaving no gaps. Remember: DON’T BREAK THE RING. The person to break the ring has to drink whatever is in the Arrogance glass.

Since at some point there may be drink mixing – especially if you do play the ‘Arrogance’ mini-game – try to ensure you’re all drinking drinks that will make you enlightened and tastily entertained if – heaven forfend – they are all mixed together. If you’re all drinking whisky and coke or rum and coke, lovely. The Arrogance drink will basically be a Long Island Iced Tea. If one of you is drinking Avocat, banish them. Or drink and be damned.

  • Starting clockwise, or with the most sober chum, take it in turns to pick a card from the circle. Here’s how the cards go:
  • Black cards from 1-5 mean you have to take the drink. The number indicates how many drinks. You can make these ‘drinks’ either sips or bottom-clenchingly strong shots, depending how silly / sorry / brave, you are.
  • Red cards from 1-5 mean you give away your drinks, indicated by the number on the card.
  • The 6 Card – Toilet Card. You cannot spend a penny without one. Toilet Cards can be brought, stolen and bartered. Be prepared – the smaller your bladder the more you’ll have to barter!
  • The 7 Card – “Strike a pose”. Said player can make up a pose, be it ‘the superman’ or a star jump. They show the others and whenever said player strikes their pose the others have to follow. Be speedy… The last one drinks.
  • The 8 Card – Drinking game “21’s”. Each player can say up from one to three numbers. So they may start “1,2,3”, the counting goes clockwise, the player landing on 21 has to drink. Easy-peasy, as long as you can remember past 3.
  • The 9 and 10 cards mean you have to fill the cup in the middle, out of your own drink, as much or as little as you like. Remember: you might have to drink it. This gets a bit messy… Used for the game “Arrogance”.
  • Jack – “The Thumb Rule”. The person holding the Jack gets the honourable role of Thumb Master. Whenever they place their thumb on the table the others have to follow, keep your eyes peeled or you’ll be drinking. You will see some very canny, cunning use of thumbs here. The next person to pick a Jack takes over the role of Thumb Master, so abuse it before you lose it.
  • King – “Arrogance”. This is a mini drinking game and involves the 2 pence piece. Get yourself an adequate coin flipper. The first player adds drink to the glass and guesses Heads or Tails. If you’re right, pass on clockwise, keep adding drink to the vase-cup and guessing the outcome. The first person to guess wrong has to drink the contents of the glass. Bottoms up.
  • Queen – This is the rhyming game. Unleash the rapper in you. The card holder starts by saying a word and clockwise you have to answer with a word that rhymes. You shouldn’t use words like Orange and Purple unless of course you are very, very mean. The player who stumbles has to drink.
  • Ace – Make A Rule. It’s that simple. Banning pointing, swearing and the use of Christian names are amongst the most popular. Usually some fool will point at you, call you a bastard, swear at their mistake then abhor you using your name”. More mistakes = more drinks.

Armed with the rules and enough alcohol to kill an elephant I assure you you’ll have a fantastic time. Either that or, like me, wake up with a chocolate cigar, a road sign and a drawn-on moustache. It’s all fun and games. Mookychick believes that if you do resort to drinking games at university or college rather than being artistically teetotal or sipping from arcane drinks first mixed in the 1920s, you might as well play a student drinking game that is genuinely fun. Enjoy!

You can also play this student drinking game with milk, because – unless you are vegan – milk is resoundingly delicious and will still make you need a wee and therefore the Toilet Card. Consider playing this game using milk.

Sometimes, a picture speaks more succinctly than a thousand health warnings.