Unusual Party Ideas – From Falconry Fests to Murder Mysteries

unusual party ideas murder mysteries


Unusual party ideas: From falconry parties and murder mysteries to pottery painting and Underground Rebel Bingo, invite your guests to expect the unexpected.

A paintball party

These are great for group parties -especially for the boys! Ammo ranges from paint pellets, to smoke grenades to mix up the action and you can all compete for who has the worst bruises at the end of the day!

Paintball party ideas – Fallowfields

An Ann Summers party

This is only for girls so they’re great fun for birthdays or hen nights! Invite all the girls round to your house to play some naughty games, win prizes, play dress up or dress down if you wish! And learn about the Rampant Rabbit family, the best thing is that when you book a party, it’s 100% free!

Ann Summers party ideas – Fallowfields

A falconry party

Go to a falconry centre or have them bring the birds to you! Gather your friends together for bird of prey action to learn about these gorgeous animals and to fly them!

Falconry day party ideas – Fallowfields

Falconry day party ideas – Honeybank

Jonguleurs Comedy Club

For some great laughs, book a table at a comedy club for your friends. why not provide some ammo for your comedian? Go to the club dressed up so you know that you will get picked on. Adorn yourselvse in dinner jackets and ball gowns or fancy dress to be the centre of attention.

Comedy club party ideas

A Body Shop Party

A Body Shop party is another good one for the girls. A nice relaxing pampering party where you can sample all the different products from scrubs, moisturisers and make-up in the comfort of your own home!

Body Shop party ideas

The Underground Rebel Bingo Club

The Underground Rebel Bingo Club is a secret organisation that meets in secret locations to party hard, drink, draw on each other, win some wicked prizes all in the name of bingo!

Underground Rebel Bingo party ideas

A Road Trip Party

This is great if you’re up for a memorable adventure! Gather your friends and drive- anywhere! This can either be planned as a day trip to go to a theme park, a drive-through Safari, to see some kind of landmark or it can be completely spontaneous to see where the wind takes you. Take pictures along the way of interesting things you may come across, stop for a pub lunch perhaps- see where you end up!

Go-Karting Party

For all those Formula One wannabes out there, did you know that all the great racers starting out in karting? This is a great day out with your mates, to get the adrenaline going, to have a laugh and race your mates!

Go-karting party ideas

Cocktail Party

For a fun, easy sociable evening why not go to a cocktail bar? You can experiment trying new concoctions and flavours sharing the various taste sensations with your friends. You can even book a party to learn how to make cocktails (the skill of creating shaking cocktails is known as ‘flair’) so you can show off your fabulous cocktail making skills!

A Clothes Swapping Party

Have you got some unwanted clothes that have been living in your cupboards for yonks? Why not get some friends together to bring over clothes that they no longer wear and have a swapping party? Invite them over and have some nibbles, drinks music and put on a fashion show of you and your friends trying on each others clothes! At the end of the day you would have de-cluttered your old stuff and replaced it with a brand new wardrobe without breaking the bank!

A Pottery Painting Party

A pottery painting party is a good one for both guys and girls up for being creative. Paint your own pottery! You can buy pottery painting kits to do at home or head to a pottery studio where they can give you tips of the trade. Paint mugs, bowls, plates, vases and take them home to show off your beautiful artwork!

Pottery painting party ideas

A Murder Mystery Party

Are you a fan of who-dunnits and crime solving? This classic party game can be suited to any kind of event, be it seasonal, fantasy, pirate theme etc! This website offers downloadable games, costume suggestions, clues questions and loads more available from 6 to 14 players!

Murder mystery party ideas

Come Dine With Me Party/Safari Dinner

This is just like the Channel 4 TV show, invite some friends round to your place to show off your fabulous home cooking! Or, if a whole 3 course meal is too much to take on try a safari dinner party. Where all the guests eat a starter at one person’s house then move onto the next house for the main meal and so on for the desert. At the end of the evening ask your friends to score each of their dining experiences out of 10.

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