Vegetarian sandwiches

Vegetarian sandwiches

Having worked in a speciality sandwich shop for three years, Emmanuelle Friday knows an exciting sandwich when she sees or eats one. Now toss that boring ham-and-Swiss in the trash and give that PB&J to your kid brother, because some new ingredients just rode into town!

Sandwiches are the staple of anybody’s lunch these days. They’ve been around as long as bread. The ancient Jewish sage Hillel the Elder supposedly put leftover meat from the Paschal lamb and bitter herbs between two pieces of matzah (flat, unleavened bread) during Passover. During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, sandwiches were considered a gentlemen’s only treat, but did work their way over to the delicate platters at ladies’ tea parties. By the nineteenth century, our delicate creation made its way into the hands of industrial workers, and the next century turned the sandwich into our favorite luncheon.

I have certain tried and true sandwich recipes that I love, and now turn my sandwich tips over to my fellow mooks to enjoy! Find what you like, and mix and match to your heart’s (and belly’s) content.

  • Instead of mayonnaise, try hummus, cream cheese, or cranberry sauce.
  • Toss out your Wonderbread. That awful doughy stuff can be made into toys for your kitty. Invest in nut or seed breads, spinach, tomato, or wheat wraps. Not only do these bases pack in some extra nutrition, but they often have fewer calories. And they taste really good…
  • Vegan or vegetarian? Try avocado, roasted red peppers, baby leaf spinach, and artichokes on your sammies.
  • Emmanuelle’s personal favourite sandwich:

    A good, hearty bread (wheat or white, doesn’t matter)

    Sun-dried tomato mayonnaise (now, I’ve never found this in your average market, as I get it from a speciality store, but if you can’t find it, use mayo of your preference and mix it with dried tomato pesto)

    Turkey. This is a delicious vegetarian sandwich if you take out the turkey. It is, however, a delicious turkey sandwich if you leave it in.

    Avocado, thinly chopped or diced, whichever you please.

    Alfalfa sprouts (if you don’t like these, and shame on you if you don’t, you can substitute with romaine or spinach, or whatever greens you have lying around)

    The veggie, turkey-free version of this is just as good, especially if you grill it!

    Vegetarian Mediterranean sandwiches

    Wishing for a Mediterranean getaway? A wheat wrap or a pita, roasted red peppers, hummus, romaine, and crumbled feta cheese will probably help. Now, find a Greek hottie to serve it to you and you’ve got it made…

    Vegetarian / Vegan spinach wrap recipe

    A spinach wrap can go a long way. Add some cream cheese, baby leaf spinach, sliced cucumber, and tomato, and you’ve got another of Emmanuelle’s favourites.

    Want to make it vegan? Use pesto instead of cream cheese.

    Trying to protein load before your exam? Add some turkey or sliced chicken.

    Elegant, vegetarian cheese sandwich

    On rainy days, heat up your skillet or a frying pan and make yourself a high-class grilled cheese with seed bread, ham, and Brie cheese. If on a budget, use a good Swiss, provolone, or white Cheddar instead of Brie.

    Sweet sandwiches

    Craving something sweet? Try nut bread, cranberry sauce, cream cheese, some lettuce and turkey.

    Apples and caramel on wheat toast also make for a gooey treat.

    The Elvis sandwich works well too; bananas and peanut butter and perhaps some chocolate sauce?

    Breakfast sandwich

    Sometimes, breakfast demands something hearty and on the go. Using a toasted wrap or toasted seed bread, add a scrambled egg and bacon and dash out the door. Take a napkin to catch any spills; we’re ladies here.

    However, bacon is not only for breakfast; us Yanks love BLT sammiches. Make yourself the Greta Garbo of bacon sandwiches with Swiss, bacon, spinach, and pesto mayo. Toss it on a grill, and you’ve got a fine lunch.

    Caprese sandwiches

    Caprese sandwiches don’t get enough credit. Fresh basil, mozzarella, and tomato also makes for an excellent salad, never mind a sandwich… But that’s for another article, dear mooks.

    The sandwich is a beautiful and versatile thing, lovelies, and its possibilities stop only when you do!