Winter clean

Winter clean

Don your maid outfit and clear out your bedroom clutter BEFORE Spring with our Winter Clean guide.

No matter how much we convince ourselves that a thorough spring clean is more than ample time for us to be donning the maid outfit (for cleaning purposes anyway), it seems to me that heading into the Winter months another one really should be added to our ‘To Do’ list – that’s the ‘To do’ list of things we WILL do and not the ‘Only as a last resort on a sunday’ list by the way.

Okay, we may not be blessed with the magic clicking skills of Mary Poppins (smug cow) but it’ll be worth it to clear some space before the sea of Christmas presents pour in and you find yourself having a row with your partner over lack of space to put up a tree.

So here is, your guide to for your ‘Winter’ Clean.

Clearing the Clutter

Start with the things you don’t want in your house anymore (other than pesky spiders and men who leave the loo seat up). The simplest way of doing this is to get yourself 3 or 4 carrier bags or boxes to sort this ‘stuff’ into and write on them what each is going to be for.



When you are throwing things out, there is one important thing to ask yourself first ‘Am I really going to deny the world a recycled pencil by putting this in an ordinary bin?’

In other words if, it can be recycled there is no reason we can’t make the effort to make sure it does and if we can recycle ourselves by re-using these items – even better!

Glass food jars become storage containers and a good way to keep ‘little things’ tidied away (good for storing beads/buttons/money…)

Toilet rolls become the base of