Witch hazel life hacks: Pesto vs shoes



Here’s a shoe-restoring witch hazel life hack, shared by one of our lovely anonimooks:

“I thought I’d tell you about a discovery I’ve just had – I dropped some pesto slap bang in the middle of the toes of my brand new tan leather shoes. For some reason, I thought WITCH HAZEL IS GOOD FOR OIL ON YOUR FACE, IT WILL BE GOOD FOR OIL ON YOUR SHOES! And lo and behold, it’s really helped!

I soaked the stain and surrounding area with witch hazel and dabbed (not rubbed) it in, and allowed it to dry, and have done this three or four times, and now the stain is barely noticeable.

Quite pleased for my instinctive quick-thinking skills, here!”


This is pesto. Welcome to our lives. You bring nom.


This is shoes. They do not like pesto. They do not want it.


This is hero.

Update: “Hooray! It REALLY works! That oil stain has GONE, and it only took about five applications. It was dramatically improved enough after one application to wear them out…”

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