Towel Origami Oh No

Towel Origami Oh No

It has come to our attention that hoteliers are folding origami towels for their guests. Why? Why?

Every time you think all the things on the internet have been done, someone pops up and tells you about another thing. I have been informed that hotel guests have been alternatively enchanted and menaced by origami towels. Said towels are not sentient, fortunately, probably, but they’re bloody well there. Towels posing as snails and elephants and other things that shouldn’t really be in hotel rooms, unless they’re hotels catering to very lonely snails and elephants who might benefit from the presence of towels shaped like themselves. Why is this happening? Is it the towels doing this, arranging themselves? Bored hotel staff tired of cleaning up our mess? Hotels thinking the best way to get repeat custom is to give us our own familiars as if we’re living in His Dark Materials? WHY?

Source: Ivory Angel.

A classic offender: Origami swan with back-up. Nothing says “coy honeymoon night” like a hissing swan. Or one planning to get its freak on.

Source: Trip Advisor.

I just… don’t… even. What? A jazz love alligator, at a guess. I hope it’s an alligator, because they have a greater tendency than crocodiles to run away.

Source: Apartment Therapy.

Towel snakes. Why do you ask?

Source: Squidoo.

Imagine opening a cupboard door in your lovely hotel room to find a trussed-up turkey. You don’t think that’s romantic? Far be it from me to suggest you’re doing it wrong…

Source: Squidoo.

Actually, this little guy is quite sweet. He’s got a touch of Pokemon about him. He could assimilate other Pokemon in the area with a lazy flick from a corner of his towel. I would feel safer with him nestled by my pillow at night. Maybe I’m beginning to see the point of towel origami after all.

Source: Squidoo.

I give in. I bow to this creature’s majesty.

If you go on a hotel-flavoured travel jaunt and spot a piece of towel origami, email it to Mookychick and they’ll keep it in our Warehouse 13 files. If you’re not planning a vacation anytime soon, it’s probably for the best. You wouldn’t want to be threatened by one of these.

It’s a snail. Of course it is.

It’s a…