Adopt a black cat… embrace your dark side

adopt black cat

Adopt a black cat as a forever companion – help to end the harmful stigma against these maligned beauties. Black cat lovers unite!

In general, cats are confident and proud. They are accomplished and evolved animals that can bridge the gap between their feral side and their domesticated side. In truth, cats display a balance of the wild and the tame that live in all of us. One minute they stalk their prey; in the next, they are purring on their human’s lap.

Cats don’t need you, but they want you. To receive their love is a gift.

Though black cats have the same attributes as any other calico or tabby, they are too frequently overlooked. Their colourful counterparts may stand out more, and don’t have the “bad luck” vibe that black cats have been unfairly tarnished for generations.

By embracing your dark side and adopting a black cat, you’re saving a life that needs you. You’re helping to reverse the “bad luck” stereotype by proving a black cat is a great companion. In return, you’ll build a loving relationship with a creature that exemplifies the spooky side of life.

black cat cute

All Cats Need Adopters… not just black cats (but they do need your help)

According to the ASPCA, black cats may not be in as much trouble as once thought. This study shows more black cats are brought into shelters than any other colour. Heartbreakingly, that means they are euthanized most often, but they may also be adopted most often.

BUT: another study showed that black cats tend to take longer to get adopted than multicoloured cats. Not every shelter’s numbers will corroborate either of these findings, and it’s worth noting that the studies are really limited.

Either way, it’s clear that black cats take up a large portion of the overall cats brought into many shelters. And, loving human, they need your help.

black cat silhouette

Cats in shelters are in desperate need of finding humans willing to take them home. Most cats brought into a shelter will be euthanized. With each adoption, lives are saved. In addition to black cats, there are plenty of other high-risk animals that have a hard time being adopted: special-needs animals may seem like a burden, but caring for them is so rewarding. Aggressive dogs require someone with patience, but adopting them means saving their life.

Black cats need adopters just like cats of any colour, but they are taking up the most room and have a stigma attached to them that no other cat has.

Reversing the “Bad Luck” stereotyping of black cat

Let’s talk about the harmful stigma of black cats. The Western historical significance of the black cat was that it was unlucky. Superstitions rose up to correlate black cats with bad omens. In parts of Europe and the U.S., a black cat crossing your path was bad luck. Some believed witches and black cats could be one and the same — that black cats could be evil shapeshifters.

black cats sick witch

Jane Blackburn, ‘Cats Guarding the sick Witch – Leonard’s Dream’ ~ Illustration for ‘The Lances of Lynwood’ by Charlotte Mary Yonge, 1855

Though these superstitions are not nearly as prominent today, society still appears to be subconsciously biased against black cats – especially when you consider how many of them end up in shelters, waiting for a home while all the coloured cats get snapped up. Adopt a black cat and you’ll help to reverse this sentiment, no matter how unintentionally.

For some, a black cat may not stand out as much. Our eye is drawn to patterns and colours. Due to the smoky dusky nature of their being, all silhouette with bright eyes, they aren’t as obviously dynamic in person or in a photograph, which may cause potential adopters to not notice them.

black cat familiar

However, once you stop to look at a black cat, they are ridiculously striking. The juxtaposition between their coat and their eyes is remarkable. They are mysterious and lovely, and there’s nothing cuter than a little black cat’s nose.

The black cat is the Witchiest Familiar

A familiar is a demon  which often assumes the form of an animal and whose purpose is to obey a witch and tend to their needs. Though the concept of familiars didn’t help the black cat superstitions throughout history, why not embrace this stereotype and celebrate it?

modern witchcraft - witch familiar

History has always had it all wrong in terms of the women they perceived to be witches and the black cats they associated them with. Modern familiars are far more about being in tune with nature and positivity. What is witchier than using a black cat as a modern familiar?

Your familiar can be anything you want it to be, yet a black cat is a classic symbol of all things gothic and dark. Having a black cat purr on your lap, wander around your home, and act as your forever companion is the perfect emblem of a familiar.

Black cats know what it’s like to be peculiar and mysterious or even unwanted. A black cat is more than a cat — it’s an animal that represents perseverance and tenacity – and that, in itself, is pretty witchy!

Tips on Responsible Black Cat Ownership

Owning a black cat means understanding a few things about being a responsible cat owner. It’s up to you to keep your cat safe and understand certain risks that come with having a cat. Give them identification, visit the vet, and make sure they never end up in another shelter.

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  • The importance of identification: Black cats are even harder to identify than multicoloured cats. Be sure to chip them or provide them with a breakaway collar with their identification.
  • Safety from the elements: All animals need to be kept extra safe from the heat, and from the cold. If your cat is an indoor/outdoor cat, aim to provide them with shelter outside as well. Understand that your cat’s safety is at a much higher risk when you allow them to go outside.
  • Keep them happy: All cats need a few basics like a litter box, somewhere to scratch, toys, somewhere to hide, and companionship.
  • Visit the vet: Every cat should be fixed and given vaccinations. Also, cats are proud and often don’t show signs of pain. Bring them to the vet for checkups to make sure they are always healthy.
  • Your black cat is forever: Adopting an animal means providing for them for their whole lives. Black cats make up a large percentage of cats in the shelter, so be sure you’re not putting them back in that situation.

Thankfully, it seems black cats may finally be getting the love they’ve always deserved. However, it’s still important to note how many black cats are found in a shelter environment and how much they need help. Though cats of every colour are in need of adopters, black cats offer a certain kind of mystique. Adopting one will show help to reverse any negative stereotypes about black cats while also celebrating what they represent now.

Are you ready to be a responsible cat owner? If so, adopting a black cat is a great way to help an animal in need while bringing a little witchy companion into your life.