Lift your spirits like an Olympian with a trampoline?

Lift your spirits like an Olympian with a trampoline?

Trampolining is one of the latest additions to the ‘gymnastic family’. It joined in 1999 ! Trampolining is in the Olympics where gymnasts perform acrobatics while bouncing on a trampoline. They can be simple jumps like, pike, tuck or straddle to forward or backward somersaults and twists …

Dong Dong does beautiful things in the 30th Trampoline World Championships

You can do trampolining as an individual or do synchronized trampolining with a partner where you both perform the same routine at the same time  (this is very beautiful to watch – see the video below).

The inclusive thing about trampolining is it’s an active sport, but not too active. Lots of people can do it . Dita von Teese also swears by it.

Even just jumping up and down on the trampoline with no thoughts of health, sport or exercise is fun . It’s worth noting that, when it comes to competitive sports, the trampolines used are different to the trampoline in your back garden as they have a more intense bounce.

Mmm… intense bounce.

British girls win synchro in the 2013 World Championships

I recently competed in my very first trampolining competition as a beginner (or ‘novice’, as it was called).

Me competing in my first trampoline competition

I didn’t win but it’s the taking part that counts ! Right?

Rosannagh Maclenna wins 2013 World Championships

 Trampolining is a pretty mooky sport, and great fun. Get in there and jump around !

Main image: Burlesque star Glorian Gray by cabaret photographer Scott Chalmers