Pole dancing lessons for fitness

pole dancing fitness classes

Betty tries pole dancing classes for fitness. Does she pole dance like a veritable polecat?

Emily teaches pole dancing. For fitness. She possesses a Xena type stature and long raven hair and she’s also well lovely. When we first meet (not at a pole dancing class) tells me how she got into pole dancing for fitness and found out how much fun it was. She tells me she’s having an open day for her new studio; why don’t I pop along?

Pole dancing

Come the next day and my mate Jo and I walk into a small but quaint studio with 3 dance poles in the middle. There are already a few ladies there. One woman (hot pants and a crop top with a rock-hard body) is doing the splits along a pole. That’s right, standing up vertical. Along a pole. Emily must have seen our slack jaws because she comes over, greets us and lets us know that the lady doing splits is actually another instructor.

“Ready to have a go?” says Emily. I look around at everyone watching and I start to feel a bit embarrassed, but I think… sod it. I’m here now. Don’t say I won’t try new things.

Pole dancing

Jo and I grab a pole each. Emily tells us to ‘walk’ round the pole to get comfortable. So we walk. “You can walk seductively if you like,” says Emily encouragingly. We try some jumps and spins – by which point I have to admit I’m starting to quite enjoy myself. Emily has a great ability to put you at ease, although she can be firm with it. “Naughty foot! Put that naughty foot down!”

Pole dancing

However, you can really feel the strain in your arms and the spinning does make you dizzy. Apparently focusing on the pole helps – just as well, because my eyes start like they’re moving independently in my head.

Feeling quite impressed with myself, I leave it to the professional. And realise I haven’t even scratched the surface. People aren’t joking when they talk about a pole dancing fitness regime. The upper body strength required for pole dancing is unbelievable. Emily is so fluid in her movements she makes it look easy; it’s not. I have the greatest admiration for pole dancers everywhere after trying it myself.

Pole dancing

After we thanked Emily for the induction and promised to come back for more lessons, we left on a high with a slightly sexy feeling in our auras and a dull ache in our arms.

I believe everyone should have a go at pole dancing at least once, regardless of your gender. It’s fun, it’s confidence building and if you keep it up, you too can have an amazonian body like Xena, warrior princess.

Do it!

Go on!

I dare you!

Hoorah for lovely Emily, the pole dancing instructor! If you’re in Swindon, check out Emily’s Pole Fitness!