Shooting for girls

Shooting for girls

Right. So shooting isn’t exactly one of those sports that women are associated with, but as the days go on; more and more women are becoming involved in this interesting and fun sport.

Many envisage several tweed clad, upper-class male toffs skulking about forests chasing after pheasants then blasting them out of the sky with wide range lead shot. But it’s not all like that. Clay Pigeon shooting is the way to go, especially if you’re like me and don’t like the idea of killing pheasants for nothing. And to be honest; pheasants are such a lovely bird, who would want to shoot them? (Toffs. Well, yeah.)

To get started in clay shooting, get yourself down to a Clay Shooting range! Here you will be provided with everything you need (safety gear, guns and ammo and, of course, an instructor who will guide you through the whole process including following the necessary safety routines and advising on your aim.

Here are a few points on how to make your first go at shooting as enjoyable and safe as possible.

1: Dress appropriately.

You will be outside. There’s no such thing as shooting indoors with live shot. Not unless you’re using one of the laser aiming systems (which aren’t as fun, to be honest). Layers are important, as clothing provides a certain amount of protection from the recoil of the gun. And you don’t want to be coming out covered in unsightly bruises across your décolleté. Layers and a coat or jacket of some variety will also protect you from a sudden change of weather.

2: Listen to the instructor.

The instructor is there to provide assistance and information – for instance, correcting your stance and shooting trajectory. The instructor will also tell you about gun safety. This is essential information that will ensure the safety of you and everyone around you. I’ve been shooting for years now and I still go through the same procedures I was taught when I first started.

3: Relax.

Adrenaline can be a great thing sometimes, but when you’re holding a loaded weapon there is a slight possibility it might get to you and lo and behold, you’ve just shot some hapless pigeon out of the sky or blown your right foot off. If you’re starting to get a bit shaky then take a breather. Always remember to breathe whilst shooting as this will help with recoil – your muscles will absorb the shock better.

4: ASK!

If you have any questions about anything at all, just ask your instructor as they’ll be more than happy to help. That’s what they’re getting paid for! If you’re having trouble with the gun, for example if the butt is too long or if it’s too powerful or heavy then inform the instructor as these may be factors in having a bad shot or constant missing of the clays.

5: Enjoy yourself.

There is nothing more satisfying than blasting an innocent piece of black clay out of the sky, then watching it shatter into a million pieces. Not only that, but you’ll come out with better hand-eye coordination, too!

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