Toy Voyagers

Toy Voyagers

When it comes to unusual hobbies, collecting toy voyagers takes the biscuit… and sends it round the world. Remember the travelling gnome in ‘Amelie’? Find out more…

Getting into toy voyagers is a justifiable way to bloody good excuse for getting out those cuddly soft toys again. Now, collecting toy voyagers can cause bewildered stares from strangers who think you are a few fries short of a happy meal. You shall get used to this, dear Mook. If all else fails, simply stare back, looking equally bewildered.

What are Toy Voyagers?

Have you seen the film Amelie? Do you recall the travelling gnome scenes? Well, ‘toy voyagers’ comes from the idea that an object/toy seems to get up and go on holiday of its own accord. Your toy voyager is a travelling toy looking for adventures. To infinity and beyond! (Almost).

What does the toy voyager hobby involve?

To create a toy voyager, delve under your bed and locatle an old long-lost toy that looks to be in need of a holiday. Choose a toy that’s choking on the amount of dust under there. Give that little toy a break.

Once you have your chosen toy and have activated a travel log for it (instructions below), it’s time to browse the toy voyager forums for suitable hosts from around the world offering to give your toy a holiday.

Toyvoyagers is about sending toys to different places and being kept updated with what they are doing through writing and photographs on their travel log.

Toy voyagers is a cheap hobby. The only cost involved is the postage – although there is an online shop for other things you may wish to purchase.

So, will I ever see my toy voyager again?

Assuming you picked reliable hosts, yes! Once you have said ‘bon voyage’ to your toy and packed them off in the post to their new temporary home, majority of hosts will look after your toy for around a month or so. Ffter this, you decide whether they are moving on to another host. If you miss your toy too much, ask for it to be sent home again for a while.

How do I activate my chosen toy?

Get yourself an activation code at