UK and Ireland cosplay, comic and anime conventions in 2018

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It looks like 2018 is going to be a rich year for fans of all genres and interests when it comes to cosplay, anime and comic conventions in the UK and Ireland. Check out our list below to see what’s near you!

Please note – we’ve highlighted any conventions with a specific focus on anime and cosplay. You certainly won’t be the only one there cosplaying! However, cosplay is sure to be welcomed at all events. Everyone loves to see fellow fans making an extra creative effort.

If you’re a first-time con attendee, check out our comics and anime convention tips for beginners as well as our mini-guide to anime con etiquette. This feminist take on a first-time anime con may also offer much-needed reassurance. Conventions of this type are generally full of folks with warm natures and big geeky hearts.

UK and Ireland Comic and Anime Conventions in 2018

February 2018

March 2018

April 2018

May 2018


June 2018

July 2018

August 2018

September 2018

October 2018

Comic conventions and anime cons are such a powerful way to meet like minds and swim in that restorative feeling of, you know, coming home. Treat yourself.

Tips on attending comics and cosplay conventions:

If you want to share your convention experiences and tips or submit cosplay pics, get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

We’re adding to our list below all the time. If there’s a convention we should add to the list, contact us via the email address on our submission guidelines and we’ll get right on it.

Model: Liz Greene cosplays Princess Serenity

Photography: Langarang