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Which Autumn style aesthetic and witchy vibe is the best match for you? Explore the archetypes and take our poll.

For many witches in this earthly realm, cracking open last season’s jackets and sweaters (the ones left over from your #SummerWoolies donations) is better than Christmas. When the air gets chilly, the leaves start to make their annual shift from green to orange and red and crunch under boots on the sidewalk. There’s just something so enchanting about it all. There’s an eerie, almost tangible kind of atmosphere. It’s because the veil is thinning, the spirit world is closer, and we invite in “The Season of the Witch.”

autumn style witch black cat

As we welcome in our designated season, there comes a change in styles, in foods, in the way the air tastes. Everyone begins layering their coats over sweaters, ordering hot coffees again, snuggling up with a soft cat under blankets by the fire, while snow or rain sheets down their windows. There are so many reasons to love Autumn.

Not all witches take to the season in the same way, though. Just as there are different witch types for different astrology signs, or different spells for different ailments, there are different methods of beckoning to the coming of the new season, especially in the way we dress.

Layered Frost Witch

autumn style witch frost

While most of her wardrobe consists of nothing but black even in the summer, the frost witch’s outfits are far from simple. She packs on as many layers as possible, and it’s not unusual for tendrils of cloth to sway along behind her as she walks.

Whether she’s dressing for class, a date, a day at work, the chances are this witch is wearing more clothing at one time than you have in your entire closet.

With her black jackets, hoods, cardigans, jeans, and boots, she’s nothing more than a shadow if you blink too quickly. Combined with dark makeup that complements her equally dark outfits, with only her eyes visible through the shroud of protection against the cold, she looks more like the heroine of a dystopian novel than a witch on her way to class or work.

It’s not all just for looks, and there’s a reason she’s referred to as a frost witch. No matter what she does, how hard she tries, or the number of fires she starts, the frost witch seemingly never warms up.

Despite many long, hot showers, the mounds of blankets, or the number of people who come to fear her cold, clammy hands of death, she survives the cold season by sucking heat from nearby bodies like some kind of vampire. It’s not unusual for her fingers to change colours and feel stiff, meaning her text messages become laden with more typos than ever.

And yet, despite her tendency for iciness, she is happy be outside, and not holed up indoors at all hours. She loves the smells of autumn and winter, and likes to sleep with the windows open at night — provided she’s covered with mounds of blankets.

For the frost witch, there’s nothing more satisfying than keeping warm in a furry, fleecy nest, while the air has a biting chill. That is, until she has to crawl out of bed in the morning and face the wintery wonderland she’s inadvertently created.

dark autumn clothes

The frost witch is prone to autumn allergies, including harvest dust and pet dander, especially since her most spoiled of cats refuses to step outside once there’s snow on the ground. Her black ensembles are constantly covered in cat hair. She doesn’t mind so much, however – it just contributes to her attempt at warmth.

Friendly Pumpkin Witch

autumn style witch pumpkins

The friendly pumpkin witch’s wardrobe consists of more colours than the frost witch. These are mostly likely to be oranges, mustard yellows, and shades of red. She mimics the changing colours of the leaves, and keeps windows open late into the season in order to fill her entire bedroom with the smell of autumn.

This witch is a fan of high-waisted skirts and pants, and can be found wearing tights under shorts, coupled with sturdy and/or heeled boots, and sometimes even legwarmers.

Though her colour palette is limited in tone, she avoids wearing the same combination twice in a single season. Her makeup is usually delicate and natural, with varying subtle tones that complement her skin colour. With her collection of hats, boots, gloves, and – most of all – scarves, every day brings a new look. And she’s not shy about it, regularly taking photos and sharing them on Instagram with the hashtag #OOTD.

Most likely an artist, chances are this witch has a camera around her neck and constantly snaps photos of the changing landscape and the people she holds closest to her.

In this hobby, she gets along best with the most fashionable coven witches to come, swapping outfit ideas and articles of clothing whenever a big event comes up — whether that event is a photo shoot, or a simple coffee run.

halloween pumpkin cookies

Even when she’s not walking the streets and turning heads, this friendly witch keeps the spirit of the season at full-blast while in private. With festive socks, aprons, and decorations cluttering her mantle, she can be found embracing her inner kitchen witch to bake spooky treats for friends and loved ones. Her apartment smells like apples and cinnamon, though you can never figure out where it’s coming from.

Indie Comfort Witch

autumn style witch indie

Similarly to the frost witch, this witch takes advantage of the chill in the air to don multiple layers, though those usually consist more of colourful flannels than dark cardigans. She’s not ashamed of being referred to as a “hipster” or “‘90s grunge,” either, and will likely just laugh when accused of being one or the other. What’s so wrong about dressing with a trend, anyway?

Through the holes of her ripped jeans you can see the coloured tights she wears underneath, all tucked into the big boots she purposefully stomps through puddles in. Despite having gorgeous hair, this witch hides it all under beanies more often than not. Despite having a giant collection of beanies, she wears only one of them most of the time.

While she also shares an appreciation for scarves like her pumpkin counterpart, this witch prefers them to be more drapery than an accent piece. With rolls of cloth or knitted fibres longer than she is tall, she could disappear completely into her scarf if she really wanted to. She might have a DIY infinity scarf, if it’s long and broad enough.

Chances are, she only has one scarf — and she’s protective of it, like a mother bear to her cub. She’ll drive 30 minutes back to the bar if she forgot it in a booth, and she’ll fight someone who threatens to take it. Don’t get between her and the scarf she breathed all her secrets into on a cold Autumn day.

This indie witch enjoys her daily coffee, and always takes it black, because she’s not a fan of sugary drinks. And yet, she’s the one in the Halloween candy aisle buying giant mixed bags with no intention of sharing. She keeps them under her bed until Christmas — or until the bag rips, and she has no choice but to eat all the candy in one sitting.

indie candy

Unlike her frosty counterpart, this witch isn’t allergic to just harvest dust and dander. She’s seemingly allergic to everything, and is constantly sniffling behind her big scarf. Most of the time, she doesn’t know if her runny nose is due to allergies or a real cold, but plays it cool until she finally wakes up sick as a dog and has to call into work. In her bedroom, buried beneath her flannels and hoodies, you’ll find a secret: humidifiers and air filters, though she’ll pretend like she doesn’t need them.

Cosy Knitted Witch

autumn style witch cosy knits

The indie witch’s knitted scarf was probably a gift from one of her cosier friends, whose wardrobe is made up of more knitted, crocheted, and other loomed garments than anything else. Her mittens are soft and colourful, and probably match her scarf and animal-ear beanie. This knitted witch is the walking embodiment of all things hygge, a danish word that encapsulates all things cosy. Maybe she’d be more aptly called the Hygge Witch.

Indoors, she has a pair of slippers, thick socks, and wool-lined leggings for every day of the week, though you would rarely catch a glimpse as she’s usually buried between blankets of the same, anyway.

While other witches might prefer spookier Halloween decorum, this cozy witch revels instead in the plaid flannels of Christmas and rustic cabin interiors, surrounding herself in deer prints, faux furs, and wood interiors.

Her couches and bed are more nests of blankets and pillows than structured cushions. Many people who sink into these cosy pillowy nests only reappear once spring rolls around. When she’s not warming up with a pot of tea, she’s sharing stories over hot chocolate with her favourite pumpkin witch.

This witch would stake her life on the positive effects of aromatherapy, and can often be found buying her own herbs and flowers to dry and soak in oils. She’s also the witch who, come wintertime holidays, is the one in the mountains chopping down pine trees to tie to the roof of her car.

She knows the smell of pine candles can’t hold a flame to the real thing. If anything, the big tree will keep her small plants and succulents company while they keep warm indoors during the cold season.

health herbs

With any influx of colds or the flu within her inner circle, she is the first to brew up medicinal potions to ease the symptoms, if not award the drinker a few extra years on their life completely.

Fashionable Coven Witch

fashionable coven witch

Coven and pumpkin witches are mutuals on Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter – and they share affiliate links on their fashion blogs. Though the pumpkin witch’s direction is more relaxed and laid-back in her posts, the coven witch sticks to a predetermined aesthetic and strives for perfection in all that she does.

Clothes are never wrinkled, hair is perfectly controlled and coloured, makeup is always on point and expressive, while photographic compositions are carefully staged and planned. But she doesn’t find any of it to be a burden — in fact, she thrives in it, enjoying the challenge and always on the lookout for something new she can tackle.

This witch lives the life of a “mainstream” witch, one that surrounds herself in sweet-smelling candles, decorates her living space with crystals and herbs, and spiritually cleanses any new apartment or home she moves into, all while keeping up with current fashions.

coven candles

She’s a big advocate of tarot readings and scrying, though doesn’t always take the results of either too seriously. Chances are she’s been asked more than once to pose as a witch in a haunted house or a student film because of the perfect way she portrays the trends — and only sometimes does she agree.

With a wardrobe consisting mostly of dark dresses and stark white collars, dark tights, laced heels, wide-brimmed hats, leather harnesses, and chokers, she is what you might find on the front page of a Pinterest search for “modern witch.”

Do not be fooled by her established aesthetic and fashion sense, though — she’s anything from ordinary. Her complete entrenchment in “witchy” culture allows her to genuinely teach others what it means to be a practicing Pagan, amongst any of its underlying religions.

By being so welcoming of the limelight, she opens doors to those who may have questions needing answers, while fighting tropes and stereotypes. All of this while enjoying herself and feeling no shame for being “trendy” or “mainstream.”

She’s a huge proponent for teaching people to dress for themselves, whether it’s popular or not, and to not be ashamed for loving something just because it’s “popular.” Along those lines, she’s the biggest pumpkin spice fangirl on this side of Salem, and has probably had long, overnight conversations on the subject with her indie-witch girlfriend.

Which style encapsulates your Autumn style vibes best? Which would you keep around as a confidante, a best friend, a girlfriend? Are there any other autumnal witches you can think of, whose traits and aesthetics might not be listed here? What about spring witches? Summer witches? What do you do personally to welcome in the Season of the Witch? Let us know!

All art © Kelsey Morgan, 2017.

You can find more of her stuff on Instagram and Twitter!

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