Cute pyjamas make it all good

Cute pyjamas make it all good

Even if you sleep naked in your bed, and many of us do, there’s still something about… a pair of pyjamas. The cuter the better. Debbie Read croons praises in honour of that most humble yet sublime of garments, the Cute Pyjama. All hail!

Like the residents of Wysteria Lane all have things going on behind closed doors that they’re pleased no-one will ever see – until the fateful day when their neighbours finally catch a glimpse – I have to confirm that my neighbours regularly see me in my pyjamas, to comic, embarrassing and sometimes horrifying effect.

There are many types of pyjamas. There are the really thick ones that your Grandmother wears to keep warm (bless!) there are the cutesy ones your little sister wears that are slightly too small coz she just won’t stop growing, there are the ones you wish you never found out your parents owned… and then there are the ones that you just never seem to change out of.

I am guilty of this minor crime. I remember when pyjamas were just a necessity, a fact of life. Something you wore to avoid embarrassment at a friend’s sleepover that also kept you quite warm. It didn’t matter how rubbish they were, how worn they were, no one would see them they were just yours and yours alone.

Then you went to university and realised that living in halls, you really should get rid of the pyjamas you’ve had since you were six (or at least stop wearing them, keep them under your pillow for those home sick nights.) and try to get ones that said ‘I wear pyjamas and I’m cool.’ But in actual fact ended up with ‘Little Miss Naughty’ ones instead, which still surprisingly still made you popular with the boys…

Pyjamas then became a fashion item. The more cute and lovable the better. Tight tops and baggy bottoms became the student pyjama fashion of choice, sometimes wearing your pyjama top all day coz you could get away with it and to be fair, you have to dabble with grunge when you’re a student.

The problem is, I’m not a student anymore but my pyjamas are just too comfortable. When I get in from work, I get change into my pyjamas. When I have a day off, I shower and then change back into my pyjamas. It’s a running joke in my family that one day I’ll go to work in my pyjamas. How I long for that day…

It’s not that I’m particularly lazy (ahem!) in actual fact it takes more effort to change into my pyjamas when I get in than to stay in my work clothes. Also it solves the problem of what to wear. And, doing simple chores in my pyjamas is more comfortable than my jeans and a t-shirt. Plus, I like the danger and the possibility of my neighbours catching a glimpse of my baggy, unglamorous night wear.

So what does the future hold for me and my pyjamas? I can see myself in ten years time, dropping the kids off at school in my four by four, my sunglasses on my head, manicured nails and expensive top, unable to get out of the car because of my Little Miss Sunshine pyjamas.