How to wear fishnet tights with literally everything


Fishnets are nothing more than portable trapped holes, yet they and their whalenetted brethren are a triumph of form over function. Fishnets are GORGEOUS. And versatile. And even surprisingly practical, at times. However you wear them, there’s always room for a couple of tubes full of trapped holes in your life…. And they have such an eclectic history

12 fresh ways to wear fishnet tights…



1. Ankle socks


2. Kneehigh socks

paired with chunky shoes by The Velvet Black


3. Fishnets under layered socks

Inspired daywear by Olivia Williams for LookBook


4. Coloured fishnets with jelly sandals

Suzi W‘s gorgeous attire for LookBook



5. Fishnets look fierce beneath ripped jeans or leggings


6. Fishnets over opaque tights offer a world of possibilities

Tip: Great for winterwear, fishnets over opaques let you get creative with colour and protect your toes more, too


7. Introducing whalenets. More hole = more awesome

Modelled beautifully by Helga von Trollop


8. Snug and seasonal… fishnets with leg warmers

Photography: Electronica Romance

Tip: You can make your own leg warmers out of old sweaters


9. Whalenets and leg warmers look just as good!

Chloe C models her great look on LookBook


10. The timeless classic… fishnets with Converse

Or any shoes, really. But Converse.

Photography: JDinUnderland



11. Fishnets tag-teamed with combats will take over the world

(we love how Samm has channelled her inner Tank Girl)


12. Upcycle old fishnets into arm warmers

Crochet Concupiscence shows you how!

10 more tips for wearing fishnet tights…

Try layering knee high socks and leg warmers over your fishnets.

One could argue that the holes in fishnets keep you warm because they trap air. However, if you want to keep your legs from turning blue with cold, layer fishnets over thin, low denier tights / stockings – either toned to match your skin or with edgy contrasting colours.

Pair your fishnets with a slinky pencil skirt and flats for uber retro appeal.

If you wish to go for reserved vamp rather than unstoppable spider-widow, pair your heels and fishnets with well-cut period dresses or suit/jacket combos.

Cut off the feet, cut them to the desired length and wear them as floppy armwarmers. You can always tighten them by sewing a seam if needed.

If you want distressed, ripped fishnets you can artfully rip holes in them as soon as you buy them – or wait for the inevitable to happen naturally.

For a more street style approach, get fishnet cutoff leggings and team with Converse.

Fishnet tights are wonderful, ephemerous things. Make them a staple to your wardrobe now!