Jema Hewitt’s Steampunk Batgirl cosplay made her nephew’s first-ever Comic Con epic

Steampunk Batgirl cosplay costume

Steampunk Batgirl cosplay by Jema Hewitt

Jema says: basically it was my little five year old nephew’s first Comic Con and he wanted to come as Batman (and Po from Star Wars and also Iron Man). I was doing a signing of my Steampunk books (ed note: see Jema’s Steampunk Tea Party Recipes  and Steampunk Emporium craft tutorials) so I wanted to make something special to both match him and promote steampunk fun. So Steampunk Batgirl was born!

Steampunk Batgirl cosplay costume

Oh my. That mask…

Steampunk Batgirl cosplay costume

Steampunk Batgirl cosplay costume

Love the detailing on that logo…

Steampunk Batgirl cosplay costume

We get a sneaky feeling this little guy enjoyed his first Comic Con. Check out that grin!

How did you put the costume together?

I’ve made a little video about making my mask, which will be up on my Patreon page and YouTube channel soon.

I used one of the steampunk aprons in black from my Etsy store; I just cut the front away to be shorter. Then I added an embroidered bat symbol using some of my custom fabric from my Woven Monkey store and some vintage bits of jet and sequin embroidery.

It was surprisingly easy to put together because I used lots of scraps and stuff I had already!

What was it like to cosplay as Steampunk Batgirl at MCM Comic Con?

The costume was comfy and fun, but I must admit I wore the mask up on the top of my head as a fascinator through most of the day.

I loved my costume, and most importantly Best Nephew loved it too!

Steampunk Batgirl cosplay costume

Ease up, wrongdoers. You’re out of your league.

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