16 Gothic Christmas Gift Ideas for a merry Gothmas

creepy film cross stitch

Joy Division meets Joyful Tidings with these ultimate Gothic Christmas gift ideas. Happy Gothmas! Imagine bringing glee to the goth in your life when they receive…

1. Corvid Bird Skull

gothic christmas present bird skull

Gothic Victorian crow skull by Armadillosrus34

Gothic christmas presents magpie skull

Magpie skulls by GreenGrass3

Corvids include crows, magpies, rooks and the ravens beloved of Edgar Allen Poe. They are plentiful, in no danger of extinction, and if your taste runs to the macabre you can find lots of corvid skulls for sale on eBay and the like. Corvid skulls can be bought as gifts that have already been turned into art by craftsfolk, or as plain skulls that you can work into art yourself or present in its pure unadorned state. There are also plenty of taxidermy replicas available for sale if you want the skull without the death.

2. Absinthe spoon

gothic christmas presents absinthe spoon

Green Hour photo by Spiritus Arcanum

When the Green Hour comes and it’s time to walk with La Fee Verte, the spirit of absinthe, the traditional technique is to use a slotted and often ornate absinthe spoon. Iced water is poured slowly over the absinthe spoon to achieve the creamy colour depicted. This ritual is known as La Louche. Absinthe is much talked-of on account of the wormwood it contains – a substance with psychoactive properties. And, of course, it has a fierce level of alcohol.

3. St Jareth devotional candle

Jareth devotional candle

Devotional candle from PurgatoryPenPals

“I ask for so little. Just let me rule you, and you can have everything that you want.” Oh okay then! Rather importantly, this shop does a similar candle for Stranger Things. And you’ll find a Beetlejuice candle on the webz too, if you look around. Say it three times: blasphemy, blasphemy, blasphemy.

4. Nemesis Now Baphomet Statue

gothic christmas gifts nemesis now baphomet statue

Baphomet statue by Nemesis Now

Baphomet is the enigmatic goat-headed occult figure said to be worshipped by the Knights Templar. Once linked with the art of Eliphas Levi, the figure came to represent “the sum total of the known universe”. Latin inscriptions on the arms read as SOLVE (separate) and COAGULA (join together). Nemesis Now produce a bunch of stuff at a reasonable price that may well suit your gothic Christmas needs.

5. Creepy film cross stitches

creepy film cross stitch

Beetlejuice cross stitch from Cinema Stitches

Whether it’s quotes from Beetlejuice, Hellraiser or Rosemary’s Baby you seek, this maven of thread and dread can deliver your darkest heart’s desire.

6. Modern Goth Jewellery by Indie Artists

gothic christmas presents modern gothic jewellery

Hand-drawn clear plastic Occulta Scientia necklace by KnowledgeOfTheHidden

gothic christmas gifts rogue and the wolf

Potion of the Unseen black midi ring from The Rogue and the Wolf

gothic christmas gifts lozzy bones necklace

Cross My Bones laser etched pendant from Lozzy Bones

It’s a touch generalist, but modern goth style veers towards stark and clean geometries – a neological take on the eighties Trad Goff style we grew up with. Whenever you scout out darkly lovely things to buy on places like Etsy you can find something that feels personal and support impoverished creative visionaries at the same time.

7. Memento Mori Vintage Snuff Box

gothic christmas presents vintage snuff box

Vintage snuff boxes are in plentiful supply on eBay

Now, it may be that the goth in your life does not partake of snuff. So be it. In this instance, a Victorian or otherwise vintage snuff box may still be of use to them as a curio, an oddity, a frippery. A depository for tiny trinkets. A not-snuff box.

8. Skull Terrariums

gothic christmas presents skull terrarium

Marimo moss skull terrarium from DingADing

Terrariums are glass containers in which plants are grown, and flourished as a trend in the Victorian era. Terrariums usually contain succulents (cactii), moss (marimo) or all things tillandsia (air plants). What these plants all have in common is that they are RIDICULOUSLY easy to care for, and a touch of forgetfulness in watering (or misting with water spray now and then) won’t hurt them much.

The starting prices for terrariums are quite minimal (about £10) and as an added plus you can add decorations of your choice – stones, crystals, shells and the like.

A skull terrarium is an appealing reflection on the cycle of life, but there are also lovely black pyramid terrarium containers out there. Or you can buy plants and sand separately and source your own container. Speaking of which…

9. Bell Jar or Cloche

bell jar by bluoxyde

‘Doll’ bell jar art by Bluoxyde

Bell jars are glass domes used FOR SCIENCE and also for purely decorative reasons – yet another trend started by those fun-loving Victorians. One can’t blame them for not wanting their clocks and bad taxidermy getting dusty. A bell jar stores and displays things beautifully – let your imagination run wild.

10. Edible black glitter

edible black glitter

Edible black glitter by Rainbow Dust

If someone you know wants to get all creative with food, don’t stop them. Enable them with edible black glitter. Remember, it’s got to say ‘edible’ or it isn’t made out of digestable starch products. If the glitter says friendly-sounding things like ‘non-toxic’ or ‘decorative’, even if it’s made for food decoration, don’t put that stuff in your mouth!

11. The short films of Jan Svankmajer

gothic christmas gifts jan svankmajer

Jan Svankmajer shorts collection from the British Film Institute

It’s been said by reviewers who care about these things that “The world is divided into two unequal camps: those who have never heard of Jan Svankmajer…and those who happen upon his work and know that they have come face to face with genius.” Svankmajer’s claywork and stop-motion animation tap into something more powerful and surreal and considerably less sweet than Tim Burton’s work. Each highly imaginative work illustrates the surrealist principle of life breathed into inanimate objects, from chunks of meat getting up to dance to sailor suits floating around a nursery. If you loved the atmosphere of Eraserhead, the creativity of Pan’s Labyrinth and the wild fantastical flights of Alice in Wonderland, check out some Jan Svankmajer now. Offer it as a double bill with What We Do in the Shadows to cleanse the palate with comedy and restore the light.

12. Gin and tonic lip balm

gothic christmas gifts gin and tonic lip balm

Gin and tonic lip balm from Hearth and Heritage

For the goth who loves all things gin, this gin and tonic lip balm is a delicious way to satiate their burning desire for the finer things in life without forking out for a bottle of Tanqueray, Hendricks and the like. The ultimate way to banish chapped lips in winter – no circle of salt required. Avaunt!

13. Gothic clothing they’ve been waiting for all year

Nosferatu gothic clothing Killstar skull shirt

KILLSTAR scully chiffon shirt from Nosferatu

gothic pentagram pants

Pentagram knit pants from Knitty Kitty via Dolls Kill

You know what brand you like. You know what brands they’ll like. KILLSTAR, Alchemy Gothic, Iron Fist, New Rock… get them something that will make them think of you every time they wear it. From pastel goth to health goth and everything in between, clothing is a big gift. It’s also a thoughtful one and shows you relate to what they most love to wear.

14. Volac Goetia Spirit gold and black altar banner

altar banner

Altar banner from Luciferian Apothecara

Altar banners can make suitable wall hangings and table covers – it all depends on how you use them. If you know of a gothic with an active interest in the occult – or perhaps they’re of a wiccan or pagan persuasion – you may wish to get them gifts in line with these particular interests. Tarot cards, crystals, palmistry hands or altar tools like candles and athames would also make thoughtful gifts.

15. Boys Don’t Cry enamel pin

boys don't cry pin

Boys Don’t Cry pin from Last Craft Designs

Can we sit quietly for a moment and reflect on the smeary-lipped cardigan glory that is Uncle Bob Smith? And then consider how great it would be to have a TV show akin to the Addams Family starring new wave greats, in which Bob takes on the Uncle Fester role and Souxsie makes a mean Morticia?

Speaking of which…

16. New Wave tarot cards

new wave tarot cards

New Wave tarot cards from Last Craft Designs

Oh hell yes. This is exactly what you think it is. A full set of Tarot cards featuring some of the people who really matter. The list of the Major Arcana below (along with the visual representation of the four suits) shows that the deck’s creators have this thing totally nailed.

Tarot suits:

  • Cups – tea cups
  • Wands – eyeliner
  • Disks – LP Records
  • Swords – microphone

Major Arcana avatars:

  • Gary Numan
  • siouxsie Sioux
  • Nina Hagen
  • Peter Murphy
  • Nick Cave
  • Robert Smith/Mary Poole
  • Klaus Nomi/David Bowie
  • Steve Strange
  • Andrew Eldritch
  • Tower Records
  • Grace Jones
  • Ian Curtis
  • Gen P Orridge
  • Morrissey
  • Dave Gahan
  • Johnny Marr
  • Elizabeth Frazer
  • Kate Bush
  • Marc Almond
  • Morrissey/Robert Smith
  • Pete Burns

Whether the goth in your life is more New Wave or moonlit grave, these statement gifts and Gothic stocking fillers will fill any goth’s dark heart with joy…

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