Gothic maxi dress mavens unite


If you prefer cool dappled shadows to the sun’s fierce glare, there’s nothing to stop you to becoming a maven of the maxi dress this summer; so many of them come in gothic shades and lines (although you may wish to explore our Game of Thrones maxi dresses for bewitching brights). Despite the light-absorbing absence of colour, the ethereal cloth swirls of a gothic maxi dress seem to help move the air around and keep you more cool, too. Practical! (For an even more practical approach? One can explore the long ruched cottons of Victoriana…)

Gothic maxi dress ideas


 Skull and polka dot maxi dress, £71.99 – Iron Fist


Maven of mystery maxi dress, $109.99 – Modcloth

(see their  full maxi selection starting at $22)


Punk/gothic black crow maxi dress, £32.99 – Cupcake Cult


Original 60s gothic max gown, £25 – Etsy

(click pic to view in full)


Creamy ‘Victoriana’ maxi dress, £10 – Etsy

(click pic to view in full)


Tie dye dress for maverick baby bats, £72.37 – Etsy


The most superlative black maxi dress ever. Suits everyone. Goths, not-goths… it’s beautiful. £65.13 – Etsy


Lip Service widow hoodie, $34.99 – eBay