Gothic prom dresses under £100 – online buying guide

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Gothic prom dresses are such a wise choice – you can end up with a dress you’ll love and wear again for under £100 if you shop online. Read on for our favourite online shops stocking goth prom gowns and dresses for under £100. Read up on our online buying tips before you spend your money, and explore DIY tutorials to create or customise gothic prom accessories, too!

Gothic prom dresses – style how-tos

Read on for our useful tips on buying a cheap gothic prom dress you’ll love (and wear) eternally. And now, take a look at our selection of cheap gothic prom dresses – all under £100!

Gothic prom dresses under £100

gothic prom dresses under 100 kates clothing

‘Baroness’ gothic prom gown by Punk Rave from Kate’s Clothing

gothic prom dresses under 100

Romantic gothic wine/black corset dress from Devilnight

gothic prom dresses under 100 black rose

Rouched deep burgundy ‘Esme’ dress from Black Rose

gothic prom dresses under 100 violet vixen

Cinched ‘Dance of the Knights Watch’ corset dress from Violet Vixen

gothic prom dresses under 100

‘Brandywine’ plus-size gothic prom dress in sizes S-4X from Good Goth


This super-cheap skater prom dress has a hint of Victoriandustrial tatters – even though it’s from mainstream online store Boohoo.

Gothic prom dresses – tips for buying online

Check your gothic prom dress fits before you buy online. The website may have size tables for your waist, hip and chest measurements. Grab a measuring tape so you can check what measurements you have! If in doubt, buy your dress one size bigger. You can always get a friend or seamstress to help you take it in later.

Compare prices online before you buy! You can find lots of beautiful gothic prom dresses for under £100 if you shop around, so there’s no need to go out of your budget. The price is as important as the dress. Be sure to explore styles and prices at more than one online shop before making a final decision.

Choose a dress you know you’ll wear again. This will help with making any buying decisions. A once-wear is what an (actual, rich) princess will do. Many gothic prom dresses will match your style closely enough that you can wear them again on evenings, special events and even as daywear.

Corsets can create perfect gothic prom dresses which you can wear again and again. Simply slip that corset over an attractive cheap dress to make it special. You can rewear the corset in all kinds of future style combinations!

Consider any additional styles that match your taste. Steampunk? Vintage? Victoriandustrial? Loligoth? If you’re shopping online, you can explore additional styles to find a bargain that can still fit into a gothic aesthetic.

Shop well in advance if you can. Some of the best online shops for gothic prom dresses might be international, so you’d need to factor in extra waiting time for delivery. Give yourself enough time to return any dress you buy online or get another one as a plan B if you need to!

Plus-size gothic prom dresses are often far easier to buy online than in the shops. Huzzah for online shopping!

Are gothic shoes and/or boots part of your plan? New Rocks and gothic Mary Janes will be comfortable as well as gorgeous for a long evening of being on your feet. High heels can make a fabulous statement but if the dress is right, you can wear black ballet pumps or anything you like and look beautiful/comfortable. All eyes will be on your dress, not your feet!

Ideas for gothic prom accessories:

  • Alchemy Gothic jewellery
  • Strings of pearls or jet threaded into hair
  • Feathers
  • Keep warm with capes, lace boleros, long coats and vintage feaux-fur stoles

Choosing gothic prom dresses that feel right for a prom, match your personal style AND can be worn again is a thrilling quest, and it really doesn’t have to be impossible. If your hair, makeup and accessories gothic, whatever you wear will automatically reflect a gothic vibe by association. If your prom dress is gothic in itself, you can make hair and makeup match or go formal, as you choose. There are so many ways to make an impact while expressing your inner shadows…

What matters most? Buy the dress you want. The dress you feel good in. It doesn’t matter what others think. It’s you that will be wearing it.

Did you wear a gothic prom dress to your prom?

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