Steampunk Fashion DIY Tips

steampunk fashion diy tips

Steampunk fashion DIY tips for revolutionary elegance in a modern consumerist world.

In a world full of modernity, change and mass-production, the world has lost, even shunned both Old World elegance and Industrial Revolutionary grit. These steampunk DIY tips may help you to inject 18th century flair into your closet.

When it comes to your dream Gothic Victorian/Steampunk wardrobe, your local thrift stores can only supply you with so many perfect finds. You might pass up a black blouse because it lacks those ruffles you adore so much. But if you have a fairly basic understanding of sewing, you can make someone’s old clothes into unique garments in a Steampunk style that are all your own.

Steampunk Fashion DIY Tips

Simply adding lace to the edge of a collar or on cuffs is one of the easiest ways to add class to something. Add as much as your heart desires, but make sure that it doesn’t drag in anything! Also, changing out the buttons for more interesting ones (brass buttons are particularly nice) is an easy task that can be done while watching a film.

Steampunk-friendly fabrics include velvets, cottons, canvas, leather and silk. Stay clear of synthetics and satin. They can just look cheap.

For a more distressed look, experiment with burning fabric. Make sure to exercise caution and have some water nearby. Perfect for that street urchin look. Rubbing tea or coffee grounds into fabric can give things a gritty, Steampunk feel.

If something needs to be taken in, learning how to sew darts can be a lifesaver. Darts are great for taking in coats to give an hourglass silhouette.

If you feel that things are too refined and stuffy and you’d rather have distressed fabrics, take any sharp object (really, anything!) and rip away. Tattered skirts pair with petticoats can make you look like Emilie Autumn or a dame out of a Sherlock Holmes story.

Steampunk Accessories

If you are in dire need of DIY Victorian accessories, they are fairly simple to make. For necklaces, old keys and cogs can be very nice if cleaned. I’ve found a few gears lying in the gutters just when I was walking in my hometown.

Little apothecary bottles are my favourite. You can put anything tiny in them! Dead moths, little love notes, glitter. I even had one that contained a kiss from my love.

If you fancy scarves, you can shred them, burn them, tea-stain them or simply leave them as is. They can be tied in the style of an ascot or around your waist like a .

Hats can always add a lot of flair to a Steampunk outfit. I have a top hat that I decorated with cogs, ribbon and lace. I’ve seen bowlers on girls that look quite dashing. Big Victorian outing hats are interesting if you have the guts to wear them in public! Of course, there are the omnipresent mini hats. I’ve seen those darling Lolita hats that look like little plates of cake on your head, and even ones that look like tea cups.

And don’’t leave the house without a corset!

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