Cult Party Kei

cult party kei

Oh yeah, it’s Cult Party kei! We look at the clothes, the makeup and the spirit of Cult Party japanese street fashion.

So how did Cult Party kei happen? It takes its name from a Harajuku store which had a subculture style built around the clothes it sold (the store has now changed its name to Virgin Mary, and is very well-known). Cult Party is FUN. But there are different ways to wear it…

Cult Party Kei


Cult Party Clothing Ideas

Think sleepy clothes when you’re awake. The Cult Party style features a lot of baby doll nightdresses and peignoires, a lot of long nightgowns and silky flowy robes layered over short nightwear.

Cult Party Kei

The above look is mostly Cult Party, with medical accessory elements from Gurololita

Think vintage. Think lace. Think faded silky things and transparent gauze textures all mixed up together. Lace can come in the form of edging on a dress, or perhaps a lovely pair of lace tights. Think dried old flowers and vintage badges and pins as fastenings and decoration.

Think layers. No one area should draw the focus, and layers are a must. Gauze tops with butterfly wings over a babydoll nightie work beautifully. Long chiffon gowns held open or loosely fastened with a vintage brooch work, too.

Think cute. Think pop.. While Mori kei and Dolly kei are especially heavy on vintage faded colours, all cool creams and faded peach, with Cult Party it’s okay to go crisp and fresh with pastels and brights. Whether you prefer pop or vintage, Cult Party is still far more focused on pastels than Dolly or Mori.

What shoes to wear with Cult Party

Cult Party Kei

Faded pastels, lace, messy hair, tote bag, platforms, layers… it’s Cult Party!

Think platforms! Platformed strappy Mary Janes are perfect, as are rocking horse shoes. If you’re looking for brands, try Tokyo Bopper. Some lovers of this style team the look with vintage running shoes and trainers or Converse.

Cult Party Makeup

Think vintage Dolly kei. Cult Party girls go for a ‘big eyes’ effect with circle lenses and false eyelashes (just snip your falsies in half and accentuate the outer lashes, not the ones nearest your nose). A cat’s eye eyeliner flick works wonders, as does mascara.

Cult Party Kei

Blush high on the cheeks , cat eyes and vintage red lips… this Cult Party makeup look, inspired by Manapyon, is teamed with faded vintage colours and layers of soft blowy fabrics.

Go for vintage red lips. A beauty mark is not officially Cult, but it never hurts to have one!

You can wear plenty of blush quite high on the cheeks – even right up to your eyes.

Cult Party Hairstyles

The good news is that messy, rumpled hair is okay. Cult Party works with both long tresses and short hairstyles – many Cult Party girls go for a short bob.

If you have long hair, go for side bunches of double pony tails, either collecting all your hair into two bunches or keeping your hair down and loose and just bunching sections of it at the sides.

Bunched hair is the perfect opportunity to get in some more ribbons, flowers and bows.

Ideally hair is layered, just like the outfit. Hair can be layered with multiple braids and messy teased-out double buns covering the ears, like a Princess Leia hairstyle in disarray. Further layering can be achieved with hair accessories.

Cult Party Kei Online Stores

DIY Fashion

Cult Party lends itself well to assembling the style yourself from charity shops and bits and pieces you already have lying around. You can buy lace trimming to give newer nightdresses a vintage feel.

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Cult Party Kei

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