Plus-size gothic clothing shop reviews – 10 of the best

gothic morticia dress

Plus-size gothic clothing shop reviews: An overview of our very favourite plus-size gothic clothing shops on the web. As a lover of coutoure noir, you deserve curvy fashion that fits and says what you intend it to say.

If you’re a little bit curvy and a little bit vamp, then there’s a superb assortment of plus-size gothic clothing shops out there to help you build your personal gothic style around what truly suits you and has been designed with your shape in mind.

You might also wish to explore our favourite plus-size indie fashion online favourites. We think they’re lovely..

Plus-size gothic clothing online

At Dangerous FX, you get 12.5% off all items with the code MOOK15. Their Gothic Morticia ballgown (main picture) is a gorgeous creation to die (or mourn) for. Many sizes go up to 32 from 8 (UK sizes) and along with stocking a wide range of gothic and rockabilly fashion they do nice bespoke cinchers, too. There are easy sizing charts for peace of mind for global customers. We love how they use absolutely super plus-size models like Jamie Bahr.

Dracinabox Oh, everyone loves Dracinabox! No specific gothic plus-size clothing section, but you can finds loads of quality stuff there, beautifully presented by their models, some of which are quite curvy. Huzzah. If you check the sizes on items you’ll see a good range – size 28 isn’t unusual for their clothing items.

Alienskin do kawaii clothing, gothic clothing, faery clothing, cyberwear and gothic bridal fashion. They now have a dedicated plus-size section with all the designs available up to size 30 (UK), and clothing in their other sections often goes up to size 22 or 26. If you want a an aubergine robe, a cute zombie dress or a kitty cat coat with a hood and ears then this is the place to go.

Chicstar have their own dedicated plus-size clothing section, which makes life easy. It’s a shame their model pictures aren’t plus size to give you a better idea of the clothes, but if you’re into pinup-tinged gothica or victorian ruffled jackets, their stuff is great – and so cheap. A pencil-skirt black chiffon dress will set you back less than $35.

Bulletproof Cupid do rather nice fifties and gothic gear that goes up to about a UK size 20. Whether you want to be Audrey Hepburn or Lenore, the Cute Little Dead Girl, they can probably help you dress the part. And at £40 for a Dolly Swing Coat, the price is right, too!

Crimson Empress isn’t cheap but it is gorgeous. It offers a unique assortment of clothing and merchandise for the dark at heart with an eye for couture fashion. They feature Gothic, J-rock, Gothic Lolita, Cyber and Industrial attire and accessories – and they will make custom plus size goth / punk on request.

Moonmaiden clothing is gother than goth. Most items go up to size 18 – and, importantly, their gothic clothing can be made to measure.

Fairy Gothmother is another absolute favourite for many. They cover gothic fantasy wear up to size US22 / UK24 with a very good selection of corsets…

Persephone Plus is a handy site for voluptuous US mookinas. They have a small but really good quality range – think XXL and made to measure. Not cheap, but clothes meant to be worn and loved for years. Our particular favourite was the plus-size gothic opera gown. Cleverly cut with an empire line to make the most of curves, and made to accentuate real breasts. Lovely stuff.

The Gothic Shop’s plus-size section is pretty and cheap, stocking Dark Star corsets, cobwebbed and beribboned tops and floaty dresses galore. Plenty of outfits here come in UK sizes 16-18. A nice, generous spirit!