Call For Personal Essay Submissions: Creative intentions

Call For Personal Essay Submissions: Creative intentions

The beginning of a new year encourages us to establish something new along with it; whether that be a goal, a resolution, an intention, or something separate and distinct from these things.

Year after year, I always strive to be more productive, more creative, more embracing of this creative life that I feel blessed to lead (okay, there are bad days, but I can still get up and write stories for a living). So with these aims in mind I have turned this year’s resolutions into intentions, and I’m trying to make them creative ones…

Setting an intention

Setting an intention for yourself implies a definite goal; you intend to do something. By welcoming personal essays on the topic of creative intentions, we’re not only encouraging you to consider your own intentions, we’re encouraging you to set them down in a place where you and others – maybe others with similar intentions – can return to them as necessary, as a friendly reminder when it’s needed.

If you need some inspiration…

What counts as creative?

There are enough things in life that limit creative practices and lifestyles, so we’re not about to limit anyone further. A creative intention can be something as grand as wanting to make an entire house out of reclaimed wood, or something as soulful as wanting to set aside time every day to read – even if it is only for five minutes while the kettle is boiling.

The beauty of these intentions is that you decide what is right for you, and no one from Mookychick will chase you down if you don’t stick to it.

These essays should be safe spaces in which to explore your intentions for the year, set appropriate boundaries for yourself, and make your own mark on 2020 before it gets into full swing.

Call for submissions and guidelines

For Creative Non-Fiction and Personal Essays Charley will be running a new theme every month, from the middle of one month to the middle of the next. She will announce the next theme on February 12, 2020, which means this theme will remain open to submissions until February 11.

Essay submissions should be no longer than 1,500 words in length and, when they are submitted, the subject heading for your email should read: ‘Creative intentions call-out’. This will ensure that your essay is read in a timely fashion.

Please email submissions to Charley at [email protected] and if you have any questions regarding the themed call-out you can direct these to Charley, via this email address, too.

Please note: The themed call-out is intended as a prompt or source of inspiration for authors who would like to write to a theme. Charley will still be accepting submissions outside of the themed topic so if you have a personal essay that you would like to discuss, which is not related to the current theme, please do feel free to email Charley anyway as she’d love to hear from you.