Poetry Dowsing Week Three: Uncovering A Sense of Support

Poetry Dowsing Week Three: Uncovering A Sense of Support

This is a weekly exercise for a 12 week program for creative exploration and self care. A new exercise will be posted each week for the duration of the program. All post titles are matched up to the chapter names in Julia Cameron’s book “Finding Water”, which is our source text. Please read Poetry Dowsing: A Path to Your Creative Well for more information.

Week Three Intentions

This week we are actively and looking for people or activities that support us in our art. The intention is to nurture the artistic self and build confidence around our lives as creators. Whenever thoughts, words or people come your way this week, ask yourself if these are adding positivity to your life. If not, seriously consider setting aside those that you can in favour of those things that support belief in your growth as a writer and artist.

A personal note about support

We live in a world where the barrage of stimuli can be constant. Sometimes it can all feel like too much. Though there is so much of the world I cannot control, including how other people react to me, I’ve realised recently that I can curate my life to some extent. This is especially true online.

I have the ability to shape my social media into a place that supports me. When negativity shows up that isn’t additive to my life, I actively mute or block those accounts. I seek out interaction with those that want to support me. Connecting with people whose accounts lift me up keeps me focused. I surround myself with other writers and artists who respond to the turbulent times of this world by creating art in response.

I’m still exposed to the trials of marginalised people, the anxiety of climate change and the minefield that is politics lately. But, I limit that exposure to a level I can handle. I seek out support from those willing to give it and offer mine in return. When I find myself obsessing over hateful comments in a thread or reading the same news story over and over (though I’ve read it from five different angles), I take a moment to pause. I ask myself if it is necessary to my wider understanding to continue to dive into the fray.

The answer is usually no. Then, I look for my supporters. I check in on them and how they’re doing. I mirror positivity wherever I can and I get on with the business of creating something beautiful or meaningful to add value to the world. It is easy to get mired in the mud, but life is far better when we seek and give support to others. This week I intend to be even more mindful of that and to redirect myself where necessary to seek support.

If you’re in need of support, reach out to me. I’m happy to help!

This week’s dowsing exercise

Dreams can seem impossible. This is what our censor would like us to think. Remember that censor? The one we relegated to a cartoon character? There’s no room for the censor this week! Often that creative activity or hobby or project we’ve daydreamed about is overwhelming. This is because we focus on the end result and not the artistic journey. It’s a cliche to say we should take it one step at a time, but this is exactly what we should do. Through this exercise you will be supporting yourself by beginning at the beginning.

Think about what it is you want to do but don’t have time or courage to start. Think about all the little ways time is eaten up throughout your day. What could you do if you limited something like time spent on social media or television? Julia Cameron often says that we do not need large chunks of time and that art is created in the small spaces, little by little.

Commit yourself to working on your project and give yourself a gentle goal. For example, I would like to work on my botanical illustration skills. I fear I will fail and that I do not have the time to really learn to do it properly. This week, I will commit to just 20 minutes a day of working on this goal. It may even inspire some poetry.

What will you begin this week? Remember to use your support network to bolster your efforts!

This week’s quote:

“She became for me an island of light, fun, wisdom, where I could run with my discoveries and torments and hopes at any time of day and find welcome.”
May Sarton



Important reminders

  • This process centers on recovery and self care in regard to your creative self. Be gentle!
  • Make adjustments as needed, you know yourself best and your positive mental health is paramount.
  • Commit to using your basic tools of Morning Pages, Artist Dates and Walks.
  • Sharing is not mandatory, but we’d love to share the journey with you! Tag all posts regarding these exercises as #PoetryDowsing so we can support you within the Twitter community.