Forever Wood – Poetry by Kristin Garth

Forever Wood - Poetry by Kristin Garth

The witch abiding in the old dark woods knows how to entice…


Follow breadcrumbs to the edge of her wood.

Often evil smells rather good.  Aspic

seasoned with arsenic served with baked goods

she plundered from an abandoned picnic.

A cookie with an innocent face next 

to jellied poison she hopes you will taste. 

Slumber inside her forever woods.  Hex

upon all trespassers who would deface 

pathways of her exile. Each pebble displaced 

by some children left to starve debases 

her struggle, cottage she carved, the staircase 

of skeletons, dozens dislocated 

by hand, boiled clean of flesh, polished ornate. 

For fresh provisions, an exile must wait.