Poetry by Crystal Davis: Aphrodite

Poetry by Crystal Davis: Aphrodite


She had appeared as herself,
Through me. 
I was the manifestation 
Of my asking 
Her to guide me with her presence.
And with her,
She showed me unconditional love. 

The was no clandestine world 
That I needed to recede to
In order to find her.
She communicated clear and well 
Through the light 
And the dark. 
Teaching me every step of the way. 

To cherish 
Each piece of me that 
Had been shaped over time. 

To love 
my face,
And my mouth,
My shoulders,
And my breasts.
To embrace
My stomach, 
My legs, 
And the soles of my feet. 

Because through me,
She would walk, 
She would speak, 
She would light the path. 

So that I would find 
The love in myself. 
So, I could exchange 
The power of this love 
with someone else.