Poetry by E L Flint : When Darkness Comes

Poetry by E L Flint : When Darkness Comes

When Darkness Comes

Beyond the night there is hope.
A chance to reconnect,
To claw your way back to a world you shouldn’t forget.
Reality is distorted,
Our image shards of fractured glass
Reflecting unsettling traumas of the past.

Keep pushing on.
The light will come…
Darkness beaten back, its will undone.
Hope trickles through,
Droplets on parched skin;
It’s time for rebirth, a life returned.
This is a moment you duly earned
Through strife and pain,
Your will denied,
For every tear that you cried.

On the other side trials still await.
The darkness never truly dissipates –
It lurks and hides,
A need to feed a product of its endless greed,
But it can’t have you..
Not now,
Not ever.
Your soul can handle every storm,
No matter how much your mind is torn.

Call its name,
Learn its lies,
It won’t steal your final goodbye.
When darkness comes, deny its name.
Allow yourself to become whole again.
Depression comes for us all…
We must beat it back and drown its thrall.
When it threatens at your door,
Stand tall and true…
You’re its victim no more.