Poetry By Gina Marie Bernard : who is she

Poetry By Gina Marie Bernard : who is she

Content Warning: Contains abuse and consent violation mentions.

who is she

a window starling, neck snapped 
& gravel borne

a backyard leaf under blue snow
unraked, unraked three months ago

&/has/gone/ u  n s e a m e  d too

facing shadows      moments, years 
cataracts leak funneled tears

pasteboard masks of wrinkled whales

god damn it! fuck me! not once more!

recycled fears bid fond farewells 
but sit on stoops within her mind
& catcalls caterwaul against brick walls
her maidenhead torn all apart

i did not give permission!
i do not give permission!
i will not give permission!

whispers drift from bolted doors
& here she goes again