Poetry by LE Francis: Three of Wands

Poetry by LE Francis: Three of Wands


Three of Wands

You’d best get your sea legs,
these waves mean business
& this moon will pull the teeth
right out of your head;

Call up the decks & knock
a love song into the mast,
what’s coming is about to go,
& if you aren’t ready —

well, it would be a shame
to be keelhauled, arms pulling
diamonds through the waves until
everything is shining & beautiful

outside of you, stretched too tall
& red-faced, the full-moon floating
in your throat, you gotta worry
the whole world will see the storm

that rushes in at your wake
& blame you for the cold,
& the ugly, & the wrong; crushed
under the swell of half-knowing

never able to see the bright
water of safe harbor without
seeing the signs of leaving.