Poetry by Sabrina Cabrera Rivera: Big Bad Wolf

Poetry by Sabrina Cabrera Rivera: Big Bad Wolf


Big Bad Wolf

Why would I fall apart
For the likes of you?

Watch that smile on my face
While I strut around
In your fur pelt

That false confidence
         I stole away

A sheep in wolf’s clothing
All that you are.

What a big mouth that you have!
To change broken words
Into fine lies.

What big ears you have!
      To listen to stories
      That shouldn’t have been told.
I made this house

Laid down each brick

Set down the foundation.

A little huff and puff

Won’t knock me down.


Hide in your trees.

Am I cute in this red coat?
I can see your jealousy

My fear of you
Is that of a puppy.

They are quite fun to play with
          I can’t take you seriously

my interest

is all but a myth
A child’s tale

Taken far too seriously
Even pigs aren’t afraid of you.