Call for Poetry Submissions: A Mood//Gezellig

Call for Poetry Submissions: A Mood//Gezellig

What is Gezellig?

Gezellig is a Dutch word that invokes the conviviality and celebration we share with other people in a cozy, fun and warm atmosphere. It characterizes that feeling that lets us know it’s time to kick back and enjoy festivities with our friends and loved ones.

Like most of of the poetry themes we’ve had at Mookychick, this word is about a mood; a way of being. So many languages have words for feelings that don’t directly translate and I often find that these are the most interesting words. I love the emotions these words are charged with and I think they are uniquely suited to poetic exploration.

Not sure how to pronounce it? You’re not alone, check out this funny little clip to get started.


I write a lot about trauma and surviving trauma. Our last theme, kintsugi, explored the idea that what was once damaged can become the fabric of who we are and can even contribute to the beauty of the self, through the alchemy of resilience and rebirth.

But, my life isn’t all about trauma. It’s important to me that I don’t let those old wounds from the past (and the bad behaviour of others) define my life. I have a lot to celebrate.

Some things are happening for me this year that are so life changing I can hardly believe they are happening. I have two poetry books publishing this year, I’m marrying my incredible partner, leaving my corporate job and making a transatlantic move to become an expat poet.

This. Is. My. Life.

And you know what?

I want to celebrate it! I’m inviting all of you to celebrate it with me. I’ve chosen this Dutch word for the theme in honor of my fiancé who is from the Netherlands, where our wedding will be taking place.

Take a moment to look at the photos below. Use them as a springboard for this mood, grab your inspiration and write!

Gezellig Mood Board

Tap into those moments that you want to celebrate, to the times you want to share with other people or even the times you celebrate alone. Do you dance in the kitchen? Sing in the shower? So many moments can qualify as ‘gezellig’ because we all view the idea of a fun and cozy atmosphere in different ways. Although it’s typically used in the context of sharing with others, I’m happy to read about your private parties.

Sometimes gezellig for me is spending time in my studio or even dragging my easel out to the garden to bask in the sunshine and paint. For the Northern Hemisphere, we’re on the verge of coming into full Spring. Thaw is imminent and trees will be budding soon. Maybe gezellig is the feeling you get on that first warm day when you can open your windows and banish the stale winter air. In the Southern Hemisphere, you’re headed into the colder months of the year, but celebrations can be centered around holidays or warm nights by a fire with family and friends.

Wherever you are, find some ‘gezellig’ and enjoy it! I can’t wait to read your poems!

Call for Submissions & Guidelines

The Poetry Mood call for the theme “Gezellig” will run from 1st April 2019 until 30th May 2019. Keep in mind that you need not use the word “Gezellig” in any part of your poem. This is about a philosophy; it is about how we choose to celebrate moments in life. These poems can focus on any kind of celebration, from that poetry acceptance you just received to that big lottery win (don’t I wish?!).

It is my hope that this call will be uplifting and joyful, as we share poetry with each other.

Please send no more than five (5) poems in a .doc, .docx or .pdf attachment. Include a short cover letter introducing yourself and a little about the poems you are submitting or how the theme speaks to you.

You should also include a paragraph of bio in the third person (Twitter and personal website links welcome) along with an author photo (optional). The subject line should read Poetry Submission//Gezellig.

For this call, we will only be able to accept previously unpublished work. Please send all submissions for this call to: [email protected].