Carotid Lessons for Young Butterflies – Audio Poetry by Kristin Garth

carotid lessons for young butterflies

Carotid Lessons For Young Butterflies

First time you float inside some girl’s dorm room,

exchange quick goodbyes, nom de plumes, it’s clear

her dom has used this place before. Assume

he wants you on the floor.  Instead, austere,

he’ll lend a hand — then find your throat as soon

as you can stand.  Against her fairy wall

ephemera, soul remote, you will swoon

for some blurring god/Google exec who calls

you princess, won’t fuck you though he’s erect.

A god has limitations too — ardours

much harder than he is for you. Collects

wet winged insects with an internet for

carotid lessons for young butterflies

who never forget the first time they fly.