I Have Never Been Older Than Today – Poem by Peach Moreno

poem i have never been older than today


I have never been older than today
And in my wonderment
I relinquish the girl I once was
Why must I keep her mind inside walnuts
Freeing her only to chase relentless metaphors
I love her
And through her youth’s exuberance
I feed her as many 2 cent sentences I can afford
We chuckle and lie in bed
The ceiling becoming the clouds she so desires
The sky as blue as she wishes it to be
We count, like children, all the ways we could be wiser
What colour our cheeks would turn underwater
What part of our soul we’d give Satan to keep the moon and such
In their private little cubbyholes
We both agree pain is a necessary evil
A necessary filter
Because pride is a tinted varnish
And she has a lot of it
Better, I want to be better she whispers
Do that I tell her
Her health slowly dripping through my fingers
How does one save a paper boat from the rain
How does one stop the rain from coming
How does one build a paper boat
Lollipop enticed Answers
that I cannot give
We’ve always been so impatient
Implanted with the idea that there is a right answer
It was beautiful, it was in your hands
And now it’s gone
Splendour only last for so long
Until it’s ripped
Untimely from your smile
But she replaces it with a new one
That says
I learned something new today
Is just a speck of dust
In the eyes of my forever
In the eyes
Salt secreted salivation
In the mind
Salvation sanitized by silence
In the mouth
Crowded syntax, sinister the solvent
In the girl
Selections saving sister sanity

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