Outside – A Poem By Kristin Garth

outside spring sonnet
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If you are living and it is spring, outside
becomes everything. Let it get inside
your head.  Open windows.  Out of bed. Hide
in winter.  Skeleton fall.  Spring’s a bride,
consummates with all.  Verdant virgin,
abundant bouquet, awaits communion
everyday.   Escape a season when
the world goes green — in sunlight reunion
with sentiments serene.  It’s up some stairs,
unbolted door.  You’re braver than you were
before.  It’s just a wander, if you dare,
from that memorized, internalized blur
to her chartreuse comforts beatified.
You only have to meet her right outside.

Author notes: This poem was written in celebration of both the physical season of spring and the springtime of the mind.

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