Outside – A Poem By Kristin Garth

outside spring sonnet

If you are living and it is spring, outside
becomes everything. Let it get inside
your head.  Open windows.  Out of bed. Hide
in winter.  Skeleton fall.  Spring’s a bride,
consummates with all.  Verdant virgin,
abundant bouquet, awaits communion
everyday.   Escape a season when
the world goes green — in sunlight reunion
with sentiments serene.  It’s up some stairs,
unbolted door.  You’re braver than you were
before.  It’s just a wander, if you dare,
from that memorized, internalized blur
to her chartreuse comforts beatified.
You only have to meet her right outside.

Author notes: This poem was written in celebration of both the physical season of spring and the springtime of the mind.