Penelope – Poetry by Kristin Garth

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Bisexual boarding school blushes, tea and devotion… read ‘Penelope’, a poem by Kristin Garth.


Penelope, they exile thee, Vermont,

to blizzards, bunks to board with me.  A lass

less regal, you eschew, no debutante,

no bonds, no blood of blue.  A commoner, crass

without a dress, your silks, tiaras, carved

oak chest.  I’ve just my smile to match your pout.

It’s not your style to go without.  You’re starved

for service, no chauffeur or maid.  Devout

devotion, hair I brush and braid.  “A dress

for you,” so tiny, tight, taffeta black

and flared with collar white.  Tea for mistress

I pour just right with macaroons.  A snack

by fingers fed upon your lap each night.

Delight of frocks and favors — dread daylight.


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