Plights of the Perturbed – poem by Courtenay S Gray

plights of the perturbed

The inner psyche can be an unlit maze filled with the bones of the past. Read ‘Plights of the Perturbed’, Courtenay S Gray’s debut poem on Mookychick.

Plights of the Perturbed

my inner world,

surrounded by bones and carcasses.

lovers who have left and lovers who have never been.

empty hearts and false starts.

not enough fuel to give me the love I need.

this collection continues to grow.

another unrequited love,

another carcass.

there is a special place for the lovers,

of my loves.

anger saturated vermillion.

clouding my thoughts,

squeezing my brain into submission.

these chains,

love is my keeper,

these chains are forever binding.

banshee screams slip from the black rot,

black rotting lips.

plaque covering rose lined coffins.

celestial moon button eyes.

smoking leather chairs,

cigarette burns to the heart.

chalkboard trees,

dehydrated, splinting trees.

spewing schizophrenic uncertainty.