Poetry by Lisa Lerma Weber: Children’s Laughter

Poetry by Lisa Lerma Weber: Children's Laughter

Children’s Laughter

Children’s laughter is the sun
breaking through heavy clouds.
Each squeal ushers away the darkness
until everything is colored with a joyful brilliance,
and the world is vibrant once again.

It is the music that makes the soul
remember how to dance.
The music that fills empty rooms and empty lives
and echoes through empty hearts,
replacing the once smothering, sad silence.

Children’s laughter is a jewel
sparkling brighter than any diamond
and infinitely more precious.
A treasure you can hold in your memory
and rediscover whenever you find yourself
on an island of loneliness.

It is the sound of birds in spring
and the rain kissing the earth.
It is the wind calling through the trees
and the waves embracing the shore.
It is everything and nothing describable.
It is love and it is life and it is eternal.