Poetry by Moira Saucer: When you fall

Poetry by Moira Saucer: When you fall

When you fall

most people fall away.
It’s human nature.
There you are
sick and poor.
You are trouble wrapped
in thrift store clothes,
a motley creature
with little possibility 
for redemption.

i fell
from a great
losing job, apartment,
i moved 
from place to place,
hot, menopausal,
stiff and exhausted
from pain,
nowhere soft
to curl up 
like any animal would
and mourn
the death of the woman
that was me.

i was unmasked,
as fallen.
The world judged me
Felons at the group home
ransacked my bedroom,
stole my food,
accused me
of tax evasion.

The shaman
who read the Tarot cards
predicted five years 
of suffering, 
being unsettled, 
and a great humbling.

                  (like the Queen of Heaven
Ishtar in the underworld,
charged with hubris,
imprisoned, he said

i survived the dark descent, the five years of shame, poverty and—and yes hell. There is no moral  to this story. Fuck mythic suffering— avoid it if you can. Even the worst don't  deserve  trial and banishment  from  heaven's announcements, the warm rays of the sun.