Hygge Poetry: Grandmother’s Cuppa by Juliette van der Molen

Hygge Poetry: Grandmother's Cuppa by Juliette van der Molen

Grandmother’s Cuppa

today’s socked in,
wiggled warmth
beneath hand stitched
quilts while branches
scratch against frosted
panes that remind me
the world is wild.

a teacup,
clicked quiet to saucer
and fitted with fine
mesh, i scoop to
measure leaves
with slow intent as
bergamot & lavender
are inhaled nose to toes.

when i am sick
or cold or lonely,
there is always
grandmother’s cuppa,
faded spider cracks
beneath glaze,
heartiness belied
beneath verdant vines.

the tea,
her magic potion,
English penicillin—
to cure any ill
or bad temper,
spills into me with
the warmth of hearth
and remembrance.


This is my personal response to the call for Hygge poetry. I would love to read your Hygge poems! Submission deadline is January 31st. Read all about the theme HERE.