Poetry: Starting Over by Julene Tripp Weaver

Poetry: Starting Over by Julene Tripp Weaver

Starting Over

in the running water of time I slipped
over a threshold, back roads
wide abyss, deep, a bird squawks
in the dark night scattered noise
the pads of my feet long for ground
this tumble like combat to survive

I’ve landed, it seems, a million times
in rooms I grew to love, restructured each life
in a firm grip despite the fall

unsteady toes flounder to feel land or mud
even sand on a craggy beach, rocks
in a stream. A voice calls, here, and reaches
out a warm hand energy surges through
my body I meld into a new tomorrow.
It worked out. A door opened I could not
have seen. A red bird flickers across the sky.

Do what is possible reclaim a home fierce
desire, to be safe a lock installed, no longer
carrion for a circling Turkey Vulture.