Safety – A Short Story by Megan Carlson

Safety - A Short Story by Megan Carlson


All the fun of the fair… read ‘Safety’, a feminist short story by Megan Carlson.


You ride the merry-go-round first, clutching the candy-striped pole as you travel sidesaddle atop an aluminum zebra. Your fluttering skirt causes no concern. The lions and elephants and horses remind you of a great circus, and you are the ringleader. After the ride, you pull sticky wisps of cotton candy into your mouth. They are not here, so you do not worry licking the sweetness from your fingers. The ring toss attendant does not ask you to smile. You can suck down a snow cone with the full strength of your thirst.

You do not notice the other guests at the park because you do not have to. But, later, as you rest your hand on a belly pregnant with funnel cake, you imagine each enjoying the magic of the day, laughing at nothing, free.