Slender Princess – A Slenderman Poem by K Garth


I scrutinize your lack of eyes.

You shake me ’til I’m sacralized,

then bend down low to stroke my cheek

while both my mind and knees go weak.


You gently take me by the wrist,

your babydoll somnambulist.

A violet tucked in my dark hair,

we walk towards your slender lair.


Your stride as wide as legs are long.

Your spindly fingers’ grip is strong.

Saccadic skips through woods so dark –

you pull me where the pines grow stark.


A splendid mansion you created;

all those years you watched and waited.

Shiny black and scintillescent

for a favoured adolescent.


Surveyed for years, you let me know.

You felt my pain and watched it grow

until tonight – I take your hand

and follow you, my Slenderman.


Who is the Slenderman?

The Slenderman is a modern mythical construct, rather than a being with an established folklore heritage. He’s a modern monster who first began as a visual meme created on the Something Awful forums. The Slenderman is typically very tall and thin, with a blank eyeless face and a dark suit. He may have sharp long fingers or sprout tentacles, but then again, he may not. The Slenderman often has monstrous designs on humanity, and is the subject of a wealth of creepypasta fiction available online.

MONSTER LOVE: As with all monsters, the Slenderman is often the subject of romance. Fictional monsters and love so often go hand in hand, and it is something to neither scorn nor feel threatened by. Fictional monster love need not be related to victimhood. To love a Slenderman, or a wolf, or a vampire or ghost – or to be loved by them – is to embrace light and darkness in equal measure. A monster’s lover can explore their urges while relishing their agency. A monster’s lover trusts themselves, and does not fear the unknown.